Friday, August 9

Friday Dose of Cute: Hot Dogs Chillin' Out

Hot dogs chilling out in the wet weather creek (1) -

We've had over 11½ inches of rain in the past two weeks. I can hear raindrops pattering on the metal roof above my head as I type (one of the best sounds ever), and there are more thunderstorms in the forecast through Tuesday. This never happens in summer. This never happens at all. It's been wonderful. And weird.

The rosemary and lavender plants are very unhappy about their soggy feet (they're now covered with vented plastic laundry baskets in an attempt to keep them from getting any wetter), the 20 tomato plants are looking sicklier by the day, the cherry tomatoes (the only ripe tomatoes in the garden so far) are all cracking, and a lot of rain has fallen inside the leaky Shack, but otherwise things are so far pretty much fine, which is actually kind of a miracle. A lot of places are flooding.

We're thrilled that the hayfield and grazing pastures are getting so much rain after the beating they took during last year's horrendous drought. It's the middle of summer and there's still plenty out there for the sheep and donkeys to eat, with more grass growing up every day. It's hard to believe the farm looked like this last August.

On the way home from an 8-hour errand running trip to town on Tuesday, we stopped to buy 10 pounds of heirloom tomatoes and have a little visit with one of our Amish neighbors. We talked about guinea hens, growing herbs, and of course this crazy weather. I think she figured it out: "We're getting all of last year's rain this year."

As long as we aren't getting next year's rain, that's just fine.

The best part? Our beloved wet weather creek, which usually only runs for a few weeks each year during the winter and/or spring, is swooshing crisp, cool water through the farm during the heat of summer.

10 more photos below. . .


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©, the going with the flow foodie farm blog where you may have noticed that Bear has a bare spot. He's been having some age-related skin problems, but we've been spraying him with Vetericyn, which we use on all the animals (and ourselves!) to heal all sorts of things (including a big, deep cut on Marta's leg last year), and it's been helping a lot. We'd been using the original liquid formula, but I just bought a bottle of the HydroGel Spray and really like it too.


  1. YAY! I only experienced your crazy drought last year vicariously, but I'm appreciating the summer rains right along with you. Of course, out here in NorCal, we don't get summer rain, but it's been mercifully cool the past few weeks (highs in the 70s? AWESOME.) and I love seeing your wet weather creek come alive again. Now - to get my own creek swimming in before the...*GASP* snow flies.

  2. Boy, they are loving their swimmin' hole, aren't they? So sweet. Susan, our beloved older lady developed a similar-looking bald spot above her tail too. Fun memory of our dear friend. Glad you guys are staying hydrated. Good to hear it. Keep the ark gassed up ;)!

  3. It is with relief to see your blog today. We have been very concerned with you and, Joe, the animals and the farm. Such a great amount of rain in so little time. We here in the PNW are suffering drought this summer; it has been since late June that there has been any rainfall here.

  4. Is there anything, anything better than standing in cool, clean running water on a hot summer day? Maybe, if you're doing so with your favorite pooches lapping away right next to you. I had the great good fortune of cohabitating with a most glorious German Shorthair Pointer for many years. In her last years, she would walk slowly out to a running creek, find a shallow sandy spot where the water wasn't too deep and slooooowy lie down in the cool water and soft sand. There she would lay, for hours, when the weather was in the 90's, with cool water running lazily over her back, just blinking in the sun. Life was good.

    Your sweet pictures bring it all back. Hot day, cool running water, and a passel 'o dogs. Nothing better.

  5. Soooo glad to hear you and yours have not washed away.

    We are in continued drought in Cent TX---triple digits and dry.

    Praying for rain.

  6. The weather is crazy! Here in Denver we've had temps in the 70's!! We are all loving it...the people and the big black dogs. The tomatoes, not so much. I had to put a sweatshirt on the other morning to walk our rehabing from knee surgery dog. I love that your dogs are all enjoying the water! You'll be mowing a ton of hay for the winter!

  7. Wow, this creek looks wonderful. Is the water drinkable Susan? do you and Jeo have dips in it? It looks so inviting for a dip :)

    sorry to hear about your tomatoes though; here we are having tomatoes galore. I harvested lots and lots and even made few jars of tomato sauce for winter. It is coming to an end though because my vegetable plot is hit by a nasty larva that is eating the roots. I got it in the compost I get from the municipality! I need to remove all the soil, which I will do when it cools dow a bit. We have a heat wave these days!

    Anyway, I love reading your farm news; are you writing a book susan? I will reserve my copy from now if you are.

  8. Just look at the grins on those pups! You can tell they are delighted at having creek fun in the middle of summer.



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