Friday, August 16

Friday Dose of Jasper Cute

Jasper supervising the chickens -
Have a relaxing weekend.

What a pleasant week. We've been working outside as much as possible, inspired and invigorated by this unseasonably cool weather. Fifty degree mornings in August? Unheard of. And wonderful.

This respite from the energy sapping heat and humidity has the wildlife out and about too. More below. . .

This respite from the energy sapping heat and humidity has the wildlife out and about too. Early this morning I spotted what I'm pretty sure was a coydog (half coyote, half dog), the first I've ever seen, loping back and forth across the hayfield. It moved like a coyote but its head was shaped more like a dog's.

Then I spooked 17 wild turkeys down at the (still flowing!) wet weather creek between the house and the barn, 15 of which appeared to be young ones that hatched out this year. This was especially nice to see, since our nice wet spring supposedly flooded out many of the low lying wild turkey nests, and a hen will abandon her eggs if they get wet.

A little while later, while I was out hanging laundry on the line and Jasper was trying to climb up my leg (his new favorite pastime), I looked out toward the hayfield and saw our resident doe and her twin fawns jump one by one out of the woods and onto the grass, just a few feet from the farmyard fence.

What a gift to live among all these beautiful creatures.

More Jasper? Here.
More chickens? Here.

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  1. Never knew that about turkey nests-learn something new from you all the time!

  2. We've been having unseasonably cool weather too...but we still can get hot weather in September and October (fire season in SoCal)so I better hush...LOL

  3. What a cute picture. You are so lucky to live where wildlife is around you all the time. I'm glad you are enjoying some cooler weather. Here in the Houston
    area it is still very hot and humid. I've always loved your blog and your life adventures.

  4. How did I miss this post?! Hate to miss a word of FGS. So glad your weather has been pleasant, and water too?! Wonderful. Yes, living among wild creatures is the greatest!


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