Friday, July 1

Daily Farm Photo: 7/1/05

A Coop With A View


  1. Hopefully the view isn't a chopping block. My dad used to raise chickens for Sunday dinner. However we did have egg layers too. I think we had Rhode Island Reds and Bantams. I'm going to the County Fair next week to update my memory of all the varieties of chickens. Keep up the great pictures. I work for food too. best Wishes.

  2. Yikes, no! We just have laying hens. Although the last time I mail-ordered chicks, the "sexing expert" must have been on break when they packed our order because I paid extra for all pullets (females) and out of 27 chickens, 9 were roosters!

    They were fun to listen to for about a day. You could hear them from half a mile away. When they were big enough, Joe butchered them. Unfortunately most of the roosters were his chickens--The Super-Mighty-Overbred-365-Day-Laying-Machines, as I call them. Small birds, lots of humongous white eggs. He calls them "thrifty."

    Anyway, these roosters were so small and scrawny they looked like they'd just hopped out of some cartoon where the old, starving farm couple is forced to eat their last pathetic rooster. They were quite tasty, though.

    The chicken in this picture is one of Joe's thrifty birds.

  3. Just found your site yesterday and enjoyed reading about your adventures. I have two hens who are setting and have been forever. We do not have a rooster, so I asked my neighbors if I could borrow some of their fertilized eggs. They gave me 6. So we will see what happens. Thanks for the idea, and keep writing!


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