Sunday, October 1

Daily Farm Photo: 10/1/06

He Looks More Like A Bodyguard Than A Nanny Bear

Don't You Think?
(Click here if you don't recognize that little woolly backside.)

Attention Dog Lovers! This is Weekend Dog Blogging #54!
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A year of Daily Photos ago:
I Wonder If Anyone Has Noticed I'm Gone


  1. It's nice to see Cary from 'the other' side.

    What a good puppy...

  2. OK so I just click on to see her baby pics again. Wow! How she has grown. Wasn't it just May last week??

  3. I love that Nanny Bear does his job. Does he hire out? They just grow up way too soon don't they?

  4. Yes, he does look quite the bodyguard. I pity-the-fool that fools with his lambie-pie. I expect him to talk into his sleeve at anytime, just like a secret agent getting an update on Operation Woolgather.

  5. I smell a side business! Which, of course, smells better than the chickenz...hahahaha!

    Oops...sorry chickenz =:o

  6. these two pictures tell a great story of friendship and protection.

    thanks again, for sharing all you do.

  7. Thanks for giving us a little something to feel good about every day.

  8. Those who impugn the fragrant chicken may be risking the wrath of Uber-Poultry, Jeff. You might want to consider Quaking With Fear about now. (No, not quacking with fear, that's for ducks, ducks.)

    Anyway, why do you think they call us"fowl"?


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