Tuesday, October 17

Daily Farm Photo: 10/17/06

Garden Life

A year of Daily Photos ago:
Not Everything Happens Slowly In The Country

And out of the kitchen a year ago came Chocolate Babycakes.


  1. We have several of those lizards around our place, the biggest being about 8" or so...wish I knew the correct name for said "beast"

  2. This looks surreal, with the concrete and the green leaf and the lizard. Amazing that you got them all together.

  3. gee, the wildlife i would like to get photos of comes out at nite here... and they are very skittish little critters -- geckos.
    Your little critter is definitely eyeing you to see what you are all about.

    Have agreat day.

  4. Now it always feels like a special treat when I open your blog and there's a new post! And they come more often than you indicated they would ;-) which is great too.

    Hugs to Cary and Bear, my favorite characters among the farm creatures. And do you know that one night I dreamed of Patchy Cat?

  5. That's ever so nice! I love the lizard's color...

  6. I have a friend that laughed at me about the lizard on my blog....glad I'm not the only one who likes those little guys!

  7. Neat photo!
    We have similar life circumstances...

  8. In response to Mike-- I think he might be a Northern Fence Lizard. Here's a link:
    My husband took a nice close up of one earlier this month, if you're interested.

  9. Can we name this one Jeff? (You'll find if you just humor me, I'll go away, or at least move on to something else. Joe learned that early on....hahaha.)

    Happy Tuesday, FG Susan & all my little farm critter friends!

  10. He looks a lot like the Western fence lizards I get in my veggie garden out here in Central Calif. - they love to run along the wooden fence rails and do push-ups. We had a lot of little tiny baby lizards this year - must be a good year for the little guys!

  11. Did you sculpt that stone?

  12. Brilliant photograph, as always. My son has a pet lizard.


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