Friday, October 6

Daily Farm Photos 10/6/06: Baby Cary is Five Months Old Today

Cary and a colorfall backdrop

Don't know who Cary is? Meet her in A Tiny Tail for Mother's Day.

The scenery is changing and so is my little lamb. (Where in the world did the last month go?) She now spends the majority of each day happily meandering around the farm with the flock, engaged in her favorite activity--eating! (Although she does still hang out in the house once in a while--banging on the door with her hoof to let us know she wants to come in.) Cary is absolutely fine and doing exactly what she should be doing. She is handling the assimilation/separation process very well. As for me? Well, that's another story.

They do grow up so quickly, don't they?

Can't get enough of Cary?
Cary Is Two Months Old Today!
Cary Is Three Months Old Today!
Cary Is Four Months Old Today!

A year of Daily Photos ago:
There Is Absolutely, Positively No Place Like Home
(Look how green the trees still were!)



  1. Oh wow, i'm the first comment! Yay for me! LOL :D Will miss your lovely pics & updates until you get back...and you'd better get back too!!!

    I feel your dial pain...I'm sort of your neighbor in NW AR/NE OK corner and there's only the big D here too. Sigh. I don't know if it would help AT ALL but I get around a lot of my connection troubles by not using my ISP provider's software (Earthlink in my case). I set up my own dialup connection & stick a shortcut on the desktop. I just dial through that to avoid all the unpleasant side effects the ISP software usually comes with (slow connection speeds, kicking me off, etc.)

    Have a great break! The weather will be gorgeous next week too!!

  2. We check out your pictures and news daily and can commiserate with pc problems: we've had dialup since '98. In case these help you we've had great luck with Registry Cleaner,Spyware Doctor, and Ad-AwareSE. Have you tried Kim Komando at She may have solutions to uploading photos (I use Picasa also). Mozilla Firefox is a free download browser that won't close up like IE6 likes to do. We want you back, can't you tell? :-)

  3. A big squishy Happy Birthday hug and kiss to Cary!

  4. I'm happy to read your new post and happy that Cary is doing so well!

  5. YAY! Cary!

    Happy Birfday to ewe!
    Happy Birfday to ewe!
    Happy birfday dear Carrrrrrrrry...
    Happy Birfday to ewe!

    I second the Firefox recommendation, and the AdAware one as well. If you get Firefox, make sure to download the session saver and adblock extensions.

    We hope to move to the country in a few years when the wife's country sells and we are already weighing our options about what to do, short of buying our own ISP and installing a node out to our house or some crazy thing. We're thinking of Satellite (which I understand is becoming more reliable) or fiberoptic.

  6. I love Cary. I think you should make Cary gear on Cafe Press. i'd buy it all!

    Happy Birthday Cary. You're super cute.

  7. Happy Birthday Cary.

    Glad to see you are still posting

  8. Oh my gosh!! How excited I am to see this post! I've still checked your blog out everytime I log on, this is the best surprise of the day!!!!
    I hope all is well! Glad to see you again!

    I still want to know llama's name whenever you're ready.

  9. Isn't it kind of odd that your one year ago picture of the day has the caption "I'm back"? I hope this is good karma, foreshadowing, premonition or something of the sort.

  10. Hi Farmgirl,

    was just tagged for a meme, and was wondering if you would like to participate? :D


  11. What a pleasant surprise to find a post today! You had a perfectly good reason to! That precious Cary... !! Nice to see the fall coloring starting to appear. Here, the palm trees have yet to change. ;)

  12. Cary's such a dainty young lady now!

  13. I just read Cary's story...wouldn't it make the MOST wonderful children's book (complete with those incredible photos) and with a very important life lesson to boot? Thank you for writing and sharing such a heartfelt tale.

  14. So nice to "see" you and Cary this Monday morning! Happy, happy birthday, Cary.

  15. Happy Growing to Cary. I love it that she bangs on the door when she wants to come in. She'll be 3 and massively pregnant and still doing it!

  16. She's beautiful! And apparently smarter than my dog -- he bangs his head into the door when he wants to come in :)

  17. Wow, little miss spindleshanks is really filling out nicely. She is simply be-ewe-tee-full.

    : D

    Glad to see you posting. Life's mad on my end: I'm 700 posts behind reading my blog rolls.


  18. I was in Kansas last week to see the grandsons and there was color!!! It was beautiful! I forget how much I miss the hills of northwest Arkansas...

    Then I flew to Colorado to see the granddaughter, and they had some color, also, though it couldn't match KS.

    We visited an 8 acre corn maze on a farm outside of Denver. That was a fun experience. I can't believe how beautiful that Colorado sky is!

    Keep those gorgeous photos coming!

    Sandy in Texas (no color here, I think that requires trees, but we did get a bit of rain earlier in the week).


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