Sunday, October 15

Daily Farm Photo: 10/15/06

I Recently Uncovered This Purple Kohlrabi In A Weed-Choked Bed

And It Is Very, Very Safe

Lucky Buddy Bear is half Australian Shepherd & half English Shepherd. He loves to work--which is good because his job description is never ending. And he excels at guarding things.

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A year of Daily Photos ago: Dan's Opinion Of His New Charges


  1. Buddy Bear looks as if he hears something in the brush in the first photograph. And just what is that vegetable related to???

    We have rain, beautiful rain falling from the sky. What a sight for very sore eyes. And the sound... I guess one can forget the sound of rain with its steady pace. And the feel. Cool, refreshing rain on a fall day in Texas.

  2. I just discovered Kholrabi this year. I shred them raw into salads or dice and sautee them with onion/celery/garlic etc. They taste kind of like slightly sweet radish(?)

  3. I was going to ask -- how do you cook or serve this lovely veggie? srhcb gave me a few tips in the last comment.

  4. i just gasped at the un-buddy-bearable cuteness of that dog. lucky you.

  5. Your dog reminds me of a lovely pet I grew up with (although mine was much more portly)...Chief. Oh sweet nostalgia...

  6. You know the old saying from the little rascals: "It might choke Arti, but it didn't choke me" (about artichokes)? Well, this Kholrabi said the same to your weeds.

  7. Sheep protector and now veggie protector. He's a very good dog!

  8. Kholrabi is good in stir fry with asian veggies and makes a tasty snack.

  9. Some kohlrabi recipes would be nice, FarmGirl. I'd love to use it but have NO idea how to cook it. Also, I don't like endive...does it taste anything like endive?

    I love the "Year of Daily Photos Ago" feature. Dan hee-hawing about his new charges is HILARIOUS!

  10. Loved the photo and glad to know you are hanging in here...
    'I was worried'

  11. Australian Sheep dogs are the best. I have a cross breed and they are so diligent!

  12. Oh Bear, could there be a better farm dog than you? I think not. The photo of him standing back while Cary (Every lamb is Cary to me) grazes is my favorite. He takes his work very seriously. Sweet man.

    I imagine you just pointing at Cary and saying, "Bear, watch her while I go in the house and take a bath." and him giving you the "Aye Aye captain" and directing his gaze toward his charge.


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