Saturday, May 12

Farm Photo 5/12/07: Just in time for Mother's Day. . .

Whitey's gone broody!

Seven years old, and suddenly she wants to hatch an egg. She's been sitting in that nesting box nearly 24/7 for a week—on an unfertilized egg that isn't even hers.

And I have noooo problem with that.

June update: Whitey got her wish!



  1. What a beauty. I just love hens but the workings of their mind are hard to fathom sometimes!
    Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

  2. That is so funny the way she was looking at you. It was like "What the hell do you want". Ha ha too funny. Thanks for sharing those picks and the sweet little story. She wants to celebrate Mother's Day. ha ha ha

  3. Must be done with hormones. Motherhood is a mysterious thing! I hope she decides to get off and on with her life soon, heh.

  4. Coming by to wish you a ~Happy Mothers Day!~

  5. Oh, my. I wouldn't want to cross that Motherly Protective face, either!

  6. My yellow-naped Amazon (parrot) hen occasionally tries to hatch pieces of toys that she's managed to chew off their hangers, carefully taken to the bottom of her cage, and arranged just-so to prevent the toy piece from falling through the bars of her grate. Birds can be funny creatures from time to time!

  7. CHICKENZ! We thought Whitey was turned into a KFC big bucket combo or something (er, not that I am calling Whitey fat or

    It's been so long since we've seen those feathers.... =:o

  8. I have been a bit broody myself, what with family crises and all-though not, thank heavens in a nesting sort of way- and entirely missed this post about my homegirl! You rock, Whitey.

    BTW, if you are going to be all about warming up stuff that's never gonna hatch, you might want to consider sitting on a rock, as rocks don't, uh, spoil, or anything.

    Knowing Whitey for the creative gal she is, I'm thinking this might be Performance Art?

    And Jeff- Whitey says another mention of that evil Saunders guy, and you're off her FOW list. (Friends of Whitey, doncha know?)


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