Thursday, May 3

Farm Photo: 5/3/07

The First Radishes Are Ready!

Always celebrate the little things--especially if you grew them yourself.

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5/2/06: Bruisie's Baby Girl: 4/22/06 to 5/2/06

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  1. YUM! Won't those be delicious in a cold salad.

  2. Looks yummy!Nothing tastes as good as fresh from the garden! :)NG

  3. What beautiful radishes. I can taste the crunch!

  4. I just planted mine. I'm out there every day looking for the first sprout.

  5. I'm coming out of the shadows...never to lurk again (at least not here)Thanks Susan for all the good times and thanks for all the input. I've explored no-knead bread and blogged about it to share the wealth...for some reason it hadn't made it to our shores (scottish highlands). You and I have also shared some geographical experiences. I grew up in LA, moved to Africa, came back, spent a year in Missouri (Eldon and Versailles), went back to Africa (we loved Missouri-wanted to buy ground), family obligations and are now in Scotland. I'm a big fan of the state and your blog so thank you, thank you! That photo just makes me crave a radish...mine are still going to be a couple of weeks.

  6. Oh, and I haven't even planted yet!

  7. Yay, radishes with crusty bread and unsalted butter!

  8. Are these french breakfast?

  9. Ever try braised radishes:,1977,FOOD_9936_32842,00.html

    SB (I was pleasantly surprised!)

  10. Hi Nina,

    Hi The Wine Makers Wife,
    They were delicious!

    Hi NG,
    You're absolutely right--nothing tastes as good as fresh from the garden. Now if I could just start growing chocolate out there. . .

    Hi Acornbud,
    Crunch and zing! : )

    Hi Jennifer,
    The first sprouts seem to take forever sometimes, don't they? But then you blink and it's time to harvest. Well, I suppose there's that little inbetween time when you water, fertilize, weed, worry, and generally pray incessantly that some force of nature doesn't destroy your precious plants before they provide you with any bounty. : )

    Hi CJ,
    So glad you're enjoying my blog. It's always nice to hear from a lurker. And I already emailed you the other day, so I won't repeat everything I said here except that your bread looks wonderful! : )

    Hi Daisy,
    Haven't planted yet? No problem. That's what's nice about radishes--they're grow so quickly.

    Hi Steven,
    Radishes and crusty bread--why hadn't I thought of that? But sorry, I've gotta have salt in my butter--and usually extra salt as well.

    Hi Anonymous,
    You certainly do know your radishes. Those are indeed French Breakfast. I just love that name for some reason--and of course they're very tasty, too.

    Hi SRHCB,
    Do you know I've never even thought to cook a radish. Who knew? I've already printed out that recipe--it sounds really good. Thanks! Now I just have to wait for the rest of the radishes to be ready.


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