Saturday, May 19

Farm Photo: 5/19/07

Patiently Waiting For Snow

A year of Farm Photos ago, with lots of daily lamb reports in there, too. Catching up again with these, though I'm still behind answering your comment questions and replying to e-mail. Thanks for your patience!
5/19/06: Woods, Water, Want To Sit & Stare A While
5/18/06: This Has Been Hiding In Here A While
5/17/06: Lilac Iris
5/13/06: Morning Mist Rising Off The Creek
5/12/06: Butterfly Conference
5/11/06: Who's Sog-gy Now?
5/10/06: Low Maintenance Livestock
5/9/06: Glorious
5/8/06: One Of My Favorite Photos
5/7/06: Stuck With Babysitting Duty
5/6/06: Spotted In The Front Yard
The Return Of Our Wet Weather Creek (and some reflecting)

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  1. Your photos are so precious. It is a pick-me-up to see them--Thank you!
    Just dropping in to let you know I got my lovely red knives in the mail yesterday, but I didn't use them until today (just too pretty to use, I guess). Dinner turned out better than usual. The husband and kids are pleased. :)
    I owe you another big Thank You!
    Enjoy those beautiful's a good kind of busy, isn't it? God Bless!

  2. I miss your "everyday posts", but I love the montage that we get to go through when you've missed several days.

    Hope all is well.

  3. I love your animals, they have so much character and personality. It makes me want to buy a farm of my own.

  4. Aww, very cute picture. I have to say though, I really miss the kitty pictures, especially the Molly Doodlebug pictures. The other day I found out that my cat weighed 6 lb and I was excited because she was only 1.5 times Molly's size. Great, now I'm going to have an anorexic kitty...

  5. You must travel about the farm with your camera in your overalls. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and this one is worth even more. The various captions that could go with it are fun to think about!

  6. What a fun picture! I imagine the saucer was probably warm from the sun.

  7. Usually, we find ALIENS on flying saucers but you, you find a sheep!!!

  8. Hi Julia,
    You're welcome and you're welcome! So glad you're having fun with your new KitchenAid knives. Mine just arrived, and so far I'm really liking them.

    Hi Anne,
    Always nice to hear I'm being missed! : )

    Hi JenJen,
    Thank you. All the critters around here really do have such distinct personalities--it's a lot of fun hanging around them. Yes! You need a farm of your own! Don't let me be the only crazy one. : )

    Hi Jory,
    I just took some pictures of Molly Doodlebug this morning, rolling around in the sun on a pillow on the mini trampoline (at least somebody's using it), but I don't know if they're blog quality. She did look extraordinarlily cute though. You could hardly tell that inside lurks an Evil Doodle Monster. Email me and I'll send you one if you like. : ) farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com.

    Hi Peg,
    Glad you liked the photo. It's fast becoming one of my new favorites. Yes, I pretty much lug my camera around everywhere I go on the farm because it's inevitable--the one time I walk outside without it I miss a great photo. Digital cameras really are a fantastic invention. I can't believe I've taken several thousand pictures over the past two years since I started blogging!

    Hi Daisy,
    It's funny how lambs love to curl up in things. Makes for lots of cute photo opportunities!

    Hi Mijo,
    Always so nice to hear from you. Aliens & flying saucers--I love it. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Your sweet, funny, zany this..always makes me smile!!!

    Ellen xx

  10. LOL on the waiting for snow photo.

    Give Cary a hug from me.


  11. If I had that kind of cute lying around my place, I'd be playing with it instead of blogging! (I have, instead, your cat Mr Bowtie-face insisting on being a lapcat... )

  12. Ha! That's awesome. I imagine that if the shot zoomed out she'd be sitting at the bottom of a big hill going, "Wow, that was one long ride. By the time I got to the bottom, all the snow had melted."

  13. I think that little lamb is going to have a long wait! Maybe she/he should take up water skiing!!

  14. Hello farmgirl! I must really say, your BLOG is one of my favorites - myself living on an farm in North Germany at the Baltic Sea - we have Shheps, and the Lamp L├╝tti is mine special friend...also we have a cat here, called Willi. Mybe you visit me in my blogger world - it´s in germany, bit you cann see a lot of photos.

  15. Little lambs are so cute. Being in the southern hemisphere we are still at the tail end of our lambing season. We still have a few to drop. I made a video of some of the little cuties a few weeks back, I thought you might like it.


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