Monday, May 21

Farm Photo: 5/21/07

Farm Boss Patchy Cat Is Always On The Lookout

A year of Farm Photos ago:

5/21/06: The Elusive Wet Woodland Donkey
5/20/06: A Rare Glimpse Of Camo Lambo
WCB#50: Somebody Is A Very Baaaaaad Influence
WDB#35: No Bottled Water For Bear

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  1. wow....i am sooo glad i found your blog. It's fantastic. I will definately be back often. You take wonderful photographs. I can not wait to come back when i have more time and read some stories. :)

    take care

  2. Yay for kitty pictures! I love the sheep photos but I'm a little biased for cats. Thank you:).


  3. onderful blog and wonderful refreshing glimpse of country life. Thank you!

  4. Love that "dairy-cow pattern" Patchy Cat. Oh, and the wet donkey is so cute!

  5. I just love your blog. it's such a pleasant disposition blog. I've completely idealized your life, which is a festive break for a die hard city girl.

    great recipes, too.


  6. Susan - your cat and our barn cat must be relatives. Posted a picture of our Moe on my blog yesterday and he certainly has that black and white long haired thing going! Your blog continues to be a place to drop by and say "awww". Thank you!

  7. I love the picture! He certainly does look like he's on the lookout.

  8. Your farm photos continue to amaze me, and I would love to have a snuggle with Patchy Cat.

  9. long time viewer of the blog, i finally get around to leaving a message. Living in Ireland i have been around a number of farms, in fact my boyfriend's family are sheep farmers. they farm in this cold, wet country and seem to have no problem with the eating of the sheep. it is nice to see how caring you are about them and how lovely you make your farm seem whilst retaining the reality of the situation. you also make me really want to bake something, even though my mother's attitude of 'why bother making something yourself, when you can just buy it' has always kind of stuck with me - congrats on the blog and keep up the good work


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