Thursday, May 31

Farm Photo: 5/31/07

That Ratty Blue Halter Finally Fell Off

It's the end of an era. . .

But now he keeps hanging around things that are blue. . .

I'm sure the farrier and his son, who are overdue to come out and give Donkey Doodle Dandy another pedicure, will be just thrilled to learn they'll once again have to catch him up while he's completely naked, and thus lacking anything for them to easily grab onto.

The farrier was sure that by the time he returned I would be effortlessly leading my fully trained "little Dandy" around by a rope. Maybe I would even have him pulling a cart! Um, not exactly.

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  1. I, for one, think Dan looks better au natural.

  2. I want to live where you live. It looks so peaceful.

  3. Poor Dan, no more ratty halter. Hope he doesn't get the 'blues' from loosing it. hehe

  4. Well I say when you finally catch him you need to have a green or red halter. Change is good! I am sure he won't care about the halter as long as his toes are cute! How is Cary?

  5. Nekkid donkeys - next thing you'll be showing shaved sheep - OOPS too late! Good to see DDD doesn't miss the blue halter (except for new blue affinity). Good update - you'd better have a LOT of cookies for the farrier.

  6. D3 looks great nude. How is Cary?

  7. Well, I think Dan wants to pull a cart, lol. Chasing a donkey is one of the fun things to do down on the farm. I remember chasing pigs in the rain, bunnies too.

  8. Maybe you can sneak in the barn when he's asleep and attach a brand spankin' new one to him. My cats have cool collars with camouflage. Do they make cool donkey halters? I could see DDD in camo? He's tough.

  9. Hope all is well with the farm ... I've not checked in for some time - I need to read up and see how the Bakery is coming along.

    Today I'm looking for a bit of design advice ... Know any wonderful kitchen design resources? I'm looking to make something, stylish, retro, funky, livable, elegant and practical ...

    1000 thanks ...

  10. OK, forget about the cart training - teach him to bake and deliver pies like MY donkey...I know, I'm bragging, but when you have a donkey that can roll a crust, that's something. Blackberry season is coming, Pino Blangiforti and I are revving up for pie season...I think it is a sign the blue halter fell off...bue is a spiritual color, perhaps he has set himself free to his higher spiritual donkey dan potential...xo to all the gang...

  11. Aw, like my favorite pair of jeans. When they finally fell apart I looked just that sad. I didn't, however, start hanging around racks of blue jeans. No, I just sewed them back together for the millionth time and *ignored* the fact that my entire ass cheek kept sneaking out.

    DDD is much more composed.

  12. Dan is so cute. I just want to run my fingers through his curly looking hair on his head. Glad you're back.

  13. I, too, think he looks better au natural, but I'm also not the one who has to catch him when the farrier shows up. :-P

    On my way to work, I pass several pastures full of cows (beef-cattle farms around here in central-west Georgia). One farmer put in--GASP!--a donkey just like DDD, with his herd! AWESOME! I'm going to bring carrot sticks next time and ask the farmer if I can talk to his donkey. He'll probably look at me as if I have two heads. "Umm, sure, lady, you can pet him..." [edging away back toward barn]


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