Monday, August 13

Farm Photo: 8/13/07

Purple Kohlrabi Leaves In The Kitchen Garden

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  1. How tranquil and refreshing. Almost makes the sirens below my window disappear for a second!

  2. Please don't make me drool. Kohlrabi is my absolute favorite vegetable...freshly peeled, raw, with a little salt. It's not easy to find in these parts (which is why I will be planting my own when I get to my new house!)

  3. You are really one lucky girl! One day (dramatic sigh)...

  4. And the rabbits didn't destroy this? You must be magic.

  5. I love Kohlrabi. We make Kohlrabislaw at this time of year.I love the colour of your purple variety - does it taste different?

  6. Just browsing the internet, your blog is very, very interesting.

  7. Great photo of the kohlrabi leaves. I worked at the farmer's markets for a summer for an organic farm in Santa Barbara. Someone had the bright idea to plant rows and rows and rows of kohlrabi. Some people bought it onesy twosy, but most of our kohlrabi ended up being eaten by the chickens or going on the compost pile. It is a beautiful plant, as captured by your picture. Maybe people just need a little time to warm up to eating it.

  8. That's a beautiful picture. I tried to capture something similar recently and failed miserably!


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