Thursday, August 2

Farm Photo: 8/2/07

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Farmgirl Inspection

It's hard to believe that Whitey's not-so-little-anymore chicks will already be two months old on Saturday. It's been so much fun watching them grow up, especially since I've never had a mother hen raise a flock of chicks before.

I've been taking lots of photos, but I seem to have gotten a little behind sharing them (so what else is new?). I've been sorting through them all and figured I'd just randomly post some of my favorites, like these two, which were taken back on June 24th. This is the chick that started out pale yellow. They sure don't stay small and fluffy--or even the same color--for long. Feathers simply appear out of nowhere.

All seven chicks are doing just fine, but a lot of the photos aren't very good. Baby chickens do not like to stand still.

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  1. oh my goodness - i love your chicks and i love your blog! you are a fabulous writer, and i am just really enjoying the stories of your farm life.

  2. Love it!! I've been hoping we would see pictures of them soon. Thank you for the indulgence. I hope we can see more soon.

    I remember hatching chicks in my 7th grade science class. It seems funny to say it, but darn if chick(en)s aren't really cute!

    I was a lucky one who got to bring one home (only for a night until we gave it to a friend of the family to hang out on his "farm"). They really don't stand still!!

    Looking forward to some more - is the black one still all black?

  3. So good to see the chicks and thanks for posting about them - too bad that the time when there is so much going on at farms - so much is happening! Guess that is why we have winters - to slow down the pace a tiny bit! We need to get guineas again around here - hate the mess but need those natural bugs killers! Thank you again - FG - you are appreciated.

  4. hmm....seems just like puppies, they have such big feet haha

  5. Your pictures and blog make my day...unless my grandchildren are visiting...I can not believe how much the chicks have grown. But, please how is Cary????Just a brief mention...

  6. Thanks for the update! I'm so happy Whitey's adventure in motherhood paid off.


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