Friday, August 3

Farm Photo: 8/3/07

Baby's First Perch

This photo of two of Whitey's chicks was taken back on June 18th. The baby on the left is the one in yesterday's photo. Look how much smaller its wings and tail feathers are here, just six days earlier.

When I set up this training perch a few inches off the ground, several of the chicks immediately hopped over and flapped their way up onto it. They obviously loved it, but most of them would sit facing the wrong direction, staring into the corner of the coop. It looked so funny. Then one by one they figured out that if you turned the other way, you could see all the action without having to spin your head around like an owl.

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  1. Love the chick photos!!! More please! ;) I just posted some of my little brood that isn't quite so little anymore. I imagine they are much bigger by now?

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    Love it!


    P.S. I see that there is sometimes another Anne that posts, so I decided to add the SC. You're getting so much traffic I'm afraid to give a link - my blog's not nearly as spectacular as yours :0)

  3. Kind of like people aren't they? Some get it immediately, others get it but don't figure it all out for a while. Yep - that's like us! Thanks for the update - they are so beautiful - and remembering the eggs makes it way cool!

  4. oh my word...I just love them :)

    (they're kind of adorable strange :)

  5. Oh how I loves me some chicks & chickens!! Thanks for the update!

  6. Hi Jade,
    Ask and she shall receive. : ) Your ducks are adorable. I love ducks. I've always wanted ducks. I even like the plain white pekin (peking?) ones with the yellow beaks. If we had a pond, I'd have ducks. Well, no I wouldn't, because Bear would try to herd them, Robin would try to eat them, and Joe would say, "I told you this was a really bad idea." But besides all that wigglebutt cuteness, they eat flies! Maybe someday.

    There's a couple that lives on 40 acres not far from here, and they have three huge ponds and lots of ducks. I guess they hatched out two dozen eggs or something a while back, and all the "babies," which were nearly full grown by the time I saw them, were supposed to stay at this one pond, while the parents lived at another pond. Apparently if they were all together they would fight (I took their word for it, as I know nothing about duck behavior).

    Anyway, there was this cute little wooden house thing hanging over the far end of the young ducks' pond, and the guy started going on about how stubborn the ducks can be, not wanting to go in at night. They get locked up in the little house (which he said actually wasn't so little), but in order to get them in, he has to chase them around every evening in his boat--which was a small rowboat. This was the first time I'd met these people, and I was laughing so hard at the image of this big guy frantically rowing around, yelling at his ducks to go to bed, I think they figured I must have been on medication or something.

    So a few weeks later I stop by, and the woman says, "Do you know anybody who wants to buy six mallards?" I said I'd ask around. : )

    Hi Anne,
    You're welcome, welcome, welcome!

    P.S. Glad you decided to add the 'SC' to your sign-in name. But you silly goose (or should that be duck? or maybe chicken?), how are we all going to find your blog if you don't sign in with a link? : )

    Hi LindaSue,
    LOL, that's too funny. And true! Yeah, even though I actually saw it happen, it's still hard to believe those chicks popped out of eggs. Amazing. . .

    Hi Mrs. G.,
    Adorable strange? Well, these two photos were taken during their sort of scraggly stage. : )

    Hi Juli,
    They're definitely fun to have around. I love to just hang out and watch them--especially if I've just given them a bunch of treats. Who needs TV when you have barnyard animals? : )

  7. ROFLMAO!!! :) The mental image you paint of that man herding his ducks to bed, from his row boat, is priceless. I would have laughed just as hard! I could even imagine he must capsize now and again. ;)

    If ducks have a regular routine, they are often very diligent about toeing a straight line into their evening quarters. But I imagine if they had a gigantic pond that they would become very unruly. They are much harder to "herd" on water than on land.

    Maybe some day a beautiful pekin duck will waddle into your farm and you won't have a choice but to house it with Whitey et al. :)


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