Tuesday, August 14

Farm Photo 8/14/07: Echinacea Visitors

Joint Pollination Task Force

It turns out my camera has more zoom than I thought. Who knew?

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  1. Great photos! I like your pioneering spirit!

  2. How ever are you in the right place at the right time? I try the close up stuff but for some reason, it's just a bit on the blurry side. I love the caption. You are just too clever dear!

  3. Love the photo. I got a new computer with a very spiffy monitor so I feel like I'm seeing the internet for the first time!

  4. I love this shot! The flower must have enough pollen to share.

  5. Great shot. I remember the moment I discovered the zoom on my Nikon. It was Autumn I was in a vineyard, the sky was blue the leaves were red.

  6. A magnificent picture! I like it's title ;-P...

  7. Wow...that's a hummingbird moth right? And a Japanese beetle? Those are my favorite and least favorite sightings in my garden this year...

  8. I am soooo taken with all these folk that are taking these awesome photos. You are getting on the bandwagon. It's beautiful.

  9. Amazing shot, well done with the zoom! Don't you just love finding new features on an already well loved camera, it makes you kind of feel like a pioneer, like no one knows the secret but you :-)

  10. Now THAT is one exceptional photo. Well done, Susan.

  11. VERY COOL!

  12. Beauty-full!!! Thank you for sharing a part of your day.

  13. Somehow I think the Japanese beetle is bent on destruction rather than polination......

    I had never seen one before this, and we are having a regular plague of them. Alas.

  14. Awesome pic!

  15. Beautiful photo! I'm saving up for a zoom like this!!

  16. Wow. Not only does your camera have good zoom, but you have one steady hand!

  17. Beautiful photography. Love your site! Thanks!

  18. Those Japanese Beetles are brutal. They tore through our vineyard for a couple of days earlier in the summer before I could get out and spray them down.
    They will strip a new vine to nothing in no time at all.

  19. I came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your photos! Very nice!

  20. I always love your photos. You have a great eye.

  21. Hi Susan!

    What a beautiful picture. I'm enjoying visiting some blogs for a bit, wanted to say hi to you and the farm kids!

    Take Care,

  22. Don't you love it when your camera surprises you with extra zoom? That happened to me too when I was taking a shot of butterflies in Argentina. I'd had the camera for over a year and didn't know you could just keep pressing the zoom to make it go past the initial cut off. This shot of yours is magical! The composition and colors are truly breathtaking! Thanks for sharing. :)


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