Monday, December 10

Farm Photo 12/10/07: Flying Donkeys

Having Fun On The Run

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There's nothing like watching a bunch of happy donkeys sailing across a field. That's Dolores' son Dinky in the lead (don't worry, it's only a nickname), followed by Dolores, then Daphne, and of course that's Dan bringing up the rear. What I love most about this photo (which was taken in early October) is that it captured Dinky totally airborne. (Update: the name Dinky kinda stuck.)

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Molasses Ginger Spice Snaps

Use It Or Lose It Lentil & Escarole Soup

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  1. I like these much better than those scary flying monkeys.

  2. Dan seems happy with his new friends!

  3. LOL That picture is great!! You would believe a donkey can fly!

  4. ahh the magical pastures of Missouri - where even donkeys fly. Be grateful that pigs don't fly - wouldn't be a pretty sight. So glad Dan has buddies - it is a tad unnatural for him to be with sheep all the time - of course one of our cats thinks he is a goat so what do I know!

  5. Hi Daisy,
    LOL, me too! ; )

    Hi Beverly,
    Dan is having a great time being part of a donkey herd. Almost as much fun as I'm having watching and hanging out with them!

    Hi Jeph,
    Oh, believe me, donkeys really can fly. Hopefully one of these days I'll get around to sharing those stories. . .

    Hi Linda Sue,
    Flying monkeys and now flying pigs--you girls crack me up. Yeah, I definitely think pigs should stay on the ground.

    As for Dan, considering I was thoroughly convinced that he was convinced he was a hound (since he spent the first two years of his life with 13 of them), this is a giant step toward normal donkeyness (that's probably not a word, though, is it?). Lucky Buddy Bear used to be his best pal, and he was always trying to get Bear to play with him.

    I kept saying that Dan didn't need a girlfriend--he needed a puppy. I wasn't even sure if he'd ever seen another donkey besides his mother, and I didn't know how he would react when Doris and Daphne arrived--or if he would realize they were donkeys just like him.

    But my fears were entirely unfounded--not only did Dan know exactly what the girls were, he also knew exactly what he wanted to do with them! ; )

    As for hanging out with the sheep, he's been a great guardian. I think even just having the presence of a large animal like a donkey helps to keep coyotes away. And now the whole donkey herd spends much of its time grazing with the flock. It's great.

  6. Fascinating blog. I'm book-marking it for perusal later. I have a Foodie Troll Poll at my blog today and I'm especially interested in input from rural folks.

  7. Great photo. You have to love them when they run, fly as you so aptly put it.
    I bet they do a wonderful job protecting the sheep. I know several people who have them as guard animals. Even very small Donkeys can be effecive.
    What kind of Donkeys are Dan and the girls?

  8. these donkies are very sweet--
    Happy Holidays and
    Good Luck for Best Blog Rural

  9. Ohhhh! Cutest picture EVER!!!

  10. I like all your donkey pictures!
    Greetings from JB's Big World!

  11. These donkeys look a lot like the Las Colinas Mustangs statue in Iriving, TX.

    Your donkeys are beautiful.



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