Monday, December 3

They're Baaaaack!

These Loaf Pans Are The Best

Just a quick note for those of you who read my recent post, "Easy & Delicious $6 Holiday Gift Idea: Homemade Beer Bread Mix In A Beautiful Baking Pan," and didn't have a chance to order any of the sale-priced Chicago Metallic 1-pound loaf pans before they ran out of them at Amazon. They're now back in stock for $5.75 (regularly $11.00), are eligible for free shipping, and are also included in the 4-for-3 promotion currently going on. But I'd order soon, as they keep selling out at this special low price.

In addition, now through December 15th, if you spend $25 or more in the Home & Garden Store (which is where the loaf pans are), you'll receive a free one-year subscription to Bon Appetit, Gourmet or Domino magazine for yourself or someone else. That could be another holiday gift effortlessly checked off your list. Click
here for more details.

I love these pans, and I know you and your Beer Bread Kit recipients will, too. Happy baking!


  1. I've checked the price of these twice in the past few days and each time they cost more than $11/each. Is your link bad or have they already gone up in price?

  2. Hi Jana,
    Thanks for your comment and the heads up. The link works fine, and a few hours ago the pans were still in stock at $5.75, but apparently they've already sold out of them again.

    What happens is that when Amazon runs out of an item, they often automatically link to another seller offering the same item. But for these pans, the sale price isn't in effect, and neither is the 4-for-3 promotion.

    Checking back like you have been is probably the best thing to do because they've shown up at the sale price several times since I put up the original post a week and a half ago. I've been keeping the page open and just refreshing it once or twice a day.

    But you'd think Amazon would have figured out by now that they need to keep plenty of these pans in stock! ; )

    My apologies for your (and anybody else's) confusion. For what it's worth, I paid $11 for my pans and feel they're worth every penny, but I know it's hard to plunk down that much for them when you know they were half that price a couple of hours ago. ; )

  3. Hello Farmgirl--Did you know that Amazon practices dynamic pricing? If demand goes up, then prices go up. That's why the price is fluctuating, minute by minute! It's sort of like airline pricing.

  4. Ooooh, I guess I got lucky today and was able to buy 3 of them at $5.75 each! I originally wanted 4 but there were only 3 left available from this seller and this price.

  5. Perhaps this isnt the right place to ask this question...but you are referring to loaf pans. I'm trying to find the recipe or perhaps name of a french bread/loaf. While in France, my southern france family fed me a thick, moist bread loaf filled with squares of creamy white cheese. I think the cheese may have been camembert but i'm pretty sure thats besides the point. Do you know of any famous french "cheese loaf" recipes? I'm dying to get this recipe and any helped would be appreciated! Thanks! PS: love your blog!

  6. oo I've been looking for new loaf pans. Mine are somehow inadequate and seem to overflow half the time. Thanks Susan! Hope you've been well. xo

  7. Hi Susan!! I just love your blog. It is now every day after work reading for me, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I finally was able to buy ONE Chicago Metallic loaf pan, but found TWO for me and two for my mom at our local Ross for only $3.99 a piece. It was a steal! We usually don't shop at Ross, but I'm glad we did. Thanks for the great recipes and story of your life. Keep it flowing!

  8. The magazine subscription is over now too. :(


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