Tuesday, December 4

Farm Photo 12/4/07:
Just Another Day At The Office

Actually It's More Like An Office-Slash-Gym

There's nothing that takes the chill off like the warmth from wood heat--except maybe watching a hunky farmguy whack a giant tree into pieces. This photo was taken early on Thanksgiving Day while we were out working up an appetite in the freezing cold. I was very thankful that it was Wear Your Chaps To Work Day.

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  1. Indeedy - chaps on real men are quite fetching - never did get into that "Village People" chaps wearin' dude at all. Glad you are getting more wood chopped - we had a cooler spell and propane is higher than a cat's back right now! Yes - working on our land makes casual Fridays kinda redundant!

  2. Didn't mean my remark as a denigration to those village people chaps wearers - just not our thing here where chaps are worn to keep sharp objects from injuring the front part of your legs!

  3. Meow! I mean, good job, Joe.

    Same goes for coveralls when they're filthy from coming out from under the house/car.


    Plus, it means things are getting fixed, which is a nice bonus.

  4. I think it was Aldo Leopold who said "He who cuts his own firewood is warmed twice."

  5. daisy, I thought that was Thoreau, although many things have been said a number of times. Like meow! (Makes you wonder if Farmgirl got a little warm just watching...)

  6. I think maybe every office everywhere should have Wear Your Chaps to Work Day. What a morale booster! :) -Amy@Wheeler's

  7. I agree with Amy. Let's ALL wear chaps to work! Oh, wait...I'm a college professor, that might not go over too well. :-P

    Lots of firewood + hunky farmguy = happy farmgirl

    I have a woodstove myself--can't beat it for inexpensive heat.

  8. Mmmm, I agree with Finny. Nothing better that a mans rear end in chaps....Yum


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