Sunday, December 16

Farm Photo 12/16/07: Winter, Take One

So We Had A Little Snowstorm Blow In

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And out of the kitchen came:
Chocolate Biscotti For Beginners & Baking With A Faraway Buddy

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  1. That's a great photo, Susan.

    We had a few snowflakes in East TN today. Like maybe five.

    But we enjoyed it while it lasted.

  2. seven inches here in south st. louis!

  3. 0" in the greater Copenhagen Denmark area this dark monday morning. Problably wont get any snow this Christmas. But thats okay as long as I can enjoy Your great photos. Life seem so calm and relaxed in your part of the world. Would'nt mind a month of relaxing vacation there just walking out in nature and take some shots with my camera.
    Have a nice day and continue with your great blog - I do use some of your good recipes also.

  4. Congratulations Susan for winning the Rural category AGAIN!! Will I ever be able to beat you?

  5. So beautiful! I'm very jealous, not a flake in site here in NC even though it is cold enough. :-(

    Enjoy the snow for me! :-)

  6. Beautiful! Just rainy rain here in Oregon...sigh. I was wondering...why do you copyright your photos? Had you found pictures of yours used by others without your permission previously?

  7. Hi Maya,
    Five snowflakes? Too funny. ; )

    Hi Bridgett,
    Seven inches? Yikes. I love the snow--but mostly when I don't have to be out trudging around in it hauling hay or breaking ice on water troughs! ; )

    The ice (which we're getting now because the snow melts during the day and then freezes at night) is a whole other story. Of course the advantage to temps in the teens at night is that yesterday's mid-calf deep mud in the farmyard is now frozen solid--a very big improvement!

    Hi Palle,
    What's funny is that we almost never have snow for Christmas, but we usually have a pretty big snowstorm in early December. I do remember one year where we had a fair amount (for here) of snow, and it stayed on the ground for a month. That got a little old!

    Thanks for the kind words. So glad you're enjoying my photos and recipes. As for life here being calm and relaxed--I do aim for that feeling with a lot of the photos. Most of the crazy, decidedly un-calm stuff I simply edit out! Or tell about in stories. . . ; )

    Hi Ilva,
    Well you beat me by being a finalist in two categories this year--congratulations right back at you. You know I really enjoy your blog.

    Hi Laura,
    The farm really is beautiful when it's covered with now. For a while anyway, LOL. And we always enjoy the first snowfall the most!

    Hi farmgirl dk,
    Unfortunately most of my blog content, including my photos, is published without my permission all over the Internet, mostly on sites trying to make money from advertising. Just this morning, for example, I found my entire Ten Tips For Better Bread post on a site advertising cheap drugs and, shall we say, certain male medical conditions.

    Other food bloggers I talk to agree that it's a never ending battle trying to report copyright infringement to site hosts and to get them to remove stolen content. I mostly don't bother as it would probably take me a couple of hours a day (which feels like a huge waste of time I don't have anyway), and more just keeps popping up.

    Google news alerts allow me to discover a lot of places where my articles are being published (as well as find all of the other bloggers who so kindly write about Farmgirl Fare and/or link to my recipes--thank you!).

    But if someone simply copies a photo of mine and uses it without my permission, there's really no way for me to find it unless by chance--which, surprisingly, has happened more than once.

    Anything you create (a photo, a song, a story) is automatically copyrighted by you when you create it. Putting the © symbol and notice on the actual photos allows people to see that they do indeed belong to me--and alert them to the fact that if they're not on Farmgirl Fare (and the photo hasn't been credited to me somewhere in the text along with "used by permission") they may be viewing stolen content.

    The seemingly unnecessary (and kind of annoying) copyright notice blurb that I now add to the end of every single blog post does the same thing. A lot of sites republish the entire "feed" from my blog without my permission, which means every one of my posts shows up on their site. If I go to report them, then I have written proof in the article that the content belongs to me. And some of the phrases in the blurb are the ones I get google alerts for which is very helpful.

    Phew. I hope that answers your question! : )

  8. Beautiful! We had about 6 inches of snow a week ago. It really gets you into the holiday spirit! :)

  9. Beautiful photo!! I think farm-life photo's are some of my favorite to take and see.

    I just entered the city after months of rural life-- and finally got some wi-fi and stumbled on your blog-- I love what you are doing!! And can't wait to read more!

  10. ohh i love this photo of the lantern! we got some snow too first time in 65 years!

    congrats on winning the ruralness out of all of us, you are my hero, you know that dont you?

    happy holidays,


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