Saturday, January 26

Farm Photo 1/26/08: Donkey On Duty?

Faithful Chicken Guard. . .

Or Donkey Naptime?

I'll Let You Decide

But don't be fooled by the open eyes. Remember, Dan can even
sleep standing up.

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  1. Has anyone told Dan that he's very cute? He looks sooo cuddly all curled up like that :)

  2. He couldn't get any cuter!

  3. He's really sweet! I'd love to see more pics of your chickens...are they heritage breeds? The rooster is beautiful, as are the hens. As always, your site is a joy to enjoy :)

  4. Dan is looking quite dapper these days.

    *waves to FG Susan and all the farm critters*

  5. So cute I could just squeeze him!
    I was going to say "eat him with a spoon", but I didn't think that sounded at all like what I wanted to say - given that he is a farm animal.

  6. Is Dan doing his hair differently? Without that infamous blue decorative halter he looks so different! Quite the chicken guard - let's always believe that our animals are doing something useful to us (rather than the reality that they are doing what it natural to them)!

  7. andrew is sitting right here next to me and says, "I WANT ONE!!!" referring to the donkey.

    I'm sure a donkey wouldn't feel out of place here on my 5'x5' patch of grass, 12 ft away from the nearest alligator in the pond!

  8. Dan and a passel of lovely chickens. What could be better? Have any of the chickens begun to exhibit signs of a particularly individual, uh, personality?

  9. Dan is definetaly awake! His body is sleeping but those eaars are ON GUARD! one listening north and the other south... you go dan,,,

  10. humm just looked again I think we WAS sleeping when you took those first two shots and then you snuck around to get in closer and her had his eye on you I mean his ear on you : ) ...

  11. Have been wanting to add a couple of donkeys to the farm and these pictures are just fueling the fire. Really enjoy your farm pics and good lookin recipes. Thanks for opening your farm up.

  12. Yes, more chicken pictures - they are so colorful looking! T.

  13. dang that's one cute donkey!


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