Sunday, January 27

Farm Photo 1/27/08: Fence As Farm Art

Form And Function (And Unfortunately Falling Down!)

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  1. Oh, I love fence photos. I do lots of them on my photoblog....and lonely tree photos too! You've capture the shadow of the fence which makes everything infinitely more interesting.

    - Suzanne, The Farmer's Wife

  2. I just found your site and am really enjoying it. Love the picture!

  3. I love your "eye" and the delightful scenes it recognizes will make awesome photographs. I could decorate my whole house in frames prints of your pictures and be quite happy!

  4. You mean fences have a purpose other than the aesthetic?

  5. Fence work is one of those truly never ending tasks in the country (sort of like laundry?!) there is always some part of the fencing that needs "work" - and it defines that word - ain't no easy fence. What did that Yankee fella say "there is something in nature that doesn't like a fence" - that is a paraphrase BTW.

  6. Yesterday I took a walk around our farm and tried to find a stretch of fence that didn't need fixin'. What I found was lots of crooked and broken, but I had a wonderful walk with the dog. I have a picture of a hay wagon on my blog that goes perfectly with your fence, I posted it yesterday...what a coincidence!
    Your blog is a delight, thank you for sharing your creativity.

  7. Country fences are so interesting! To me they symbolize the beginning of a journey, an adventure, a mystery, the start of a dream... That's why I have one on my homepage.


  8. I love your photo of the fence. It is a beautiful reminder of the art in our everyday life.

    TAG - you are IT! You have been tagged to list 7 Things we don't know about you!

    The rules are on Eastside Farm Chronicles. Have fun with it!

  9. I just love old wood-weathered fences, out-buildings, and the like. We have quite a bit of that out here.

  10. ALLRIGHT!!!! That's how I am going to refer to myself now....
    "Seasoned" and "weathered" rather than old and falling apart!!!
    Oh, I love to laugh on the farm!!!


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