Sunday, January 6

Farm Photo 1/6/08: Stock Dog Inspection

Daphne Is Very Curious - And Bear Is Very Tolerant

Welcome New York Post readers!
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Want to see more?
--There are all sorts of Lucky Buddy Bear photos here
--You're find even more dog photos here
--There are other photos of Daphne here
--And more donkey photos are here

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  1. OMG! Congrats Farmagirl-guess you're gonna make it after all! I'm so proud....sniffff. Just don't forget us little people who "read" you everyday! (and for God's sake, don't let Whitey hear about this.)

  2. Super congratulations on the mention in the NYT article!!! The skies the limit now!

  3. How many times have you been in the Times now? 2 I think since I've been reading. Or was the other the NY Post?
    Always exciting - Congratulations!

  4. Woo HOOO! congrats Susan - it is a boost to have such recognition besides being VERY fun. That's our FarmGirl - right up there with Glenn Close! BTW - LuckyBuddy Bear IS the most tolerant dog.

  5. Now, how cool is THAT?? Congrats! What exciting news!!

  6. No mention of 'Bunny Boiler' in the article. Mmmm, funny. You've never mentioned any rabbits on the farm....

    Well done you. XX

  7. Congratulations on making the Post!! Hope it brings many new readers. But our ewes think the sheep should have been given a special mention. Maybe we need more sheep news.

  8. Of course I love read about a donkey named Daphne!!

  9. Funny, much as I hate to admit it, I do read the Post once in a while (but only the copies I find abandoned on the subway). However, I didn't discover you via the post; I was googling for a bean soup recipe and found my way here. Looks like a nice place, too. I'll be back.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  10. Wow! You're in the big time now! PLEASE don't let it go to your head.....once you're on the "A" list, it can be hard to remember us little people!
    And then where would we get our jollies at????

  11. The Good News: Holy crap! The NY Post? How cool is that?!

    The Bad News: The sheep! They forgot to mention the sheep! And the chickens!


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