Friday, June 27

Friday Farm Photo: Antique Haying Equipment

Oldies but Goodies (Who Needs Brakes?)

A year of Farm Photos ago:
6/17/07: Whitey & Her Baby Chicks
6/19/07: Caution Foodie Forming
6/23/07: Looking for my Strawberries, Turtle?
6/25/07: Echinacea by the Cat Cabin

Two years ago:
6/25/06: Weekend Turtle Blogging
6/26/06: Who Needs TV When You Have Cary & DDD?
6/27/06: Snugglebunny's Twin Girls Heading Out for Breakfast

Three (!) years ago:
6/24/05: Makeshift Fence
6/25/05: J2 in the Cat Cabin - Where's Breakfast?
6/26/05: Glance & It's Mundane, Look & See Reflected Beauty
6/27/05: Sweet Teddy Boy

And out of the kitchen came:
Three Onion & Three Cheese Pizza and My Easy Pizza Dough Recipe (plus Loving Leftover Pizza)
Decidedly Different Chocolate Chip Cookies (and how to hug a sheep)
Blueberry Breakfast Bars

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where scrolling through the late June archives reminds us that some things do stay the same around the farm - outside right now are little lambs (including Snugglebunny's twins - boys this year) and little chicks (well, not quite so little anymore), strawberry-munching turtles (they're everywhere!), a hungry J2, and a showy mass of cheerful echinacea flowers. Now if only there was a homemade pizza and a pan of blueberry bars in the kitchen.


  1. Those blueberry bars look amazing!
    Do you think I could replace them with mulberries?
    Our little kitchen is overflowing with them. So delicious!

  2. Ohh, blueberry bars! Now I know what to do with the ones I just brought at the farmers market.

  3. Love the antique farm equipment. I wish I knew what A.'s grandfather did with all the tractors on this farm--we don't have a single one. But our lawn tractor doesn't have brakes, even though it's not antique, just old and crappy. Does that count?

  4. We have a 1956 Ford Tractor that usually runs. I call her "Betty." I think the tractor guy down the street has made a fortune from Betty's ailments. Not sure she qualifies as an antique but she does the job we need done; cutting weeds so we don't burn like other parts of Northern California.


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