Thursday, June 19

Thursday Farm Photo:
Back in the Hay Days (Already?)

It Feels Like We Were Just Doing This

Want to see more haying photos?
6/28/05: Last of the Bales - We Start Cutting Today
6/29/05: It's Best to Cut Hay on a Hot Sunny Day
8/29/05: Raked Hay Ready to be Baled Today
8:30/05: From Here to the Barn Seems to Take an Eternity
8/31/05: Each Bale is Handled Four or Five Times
6/9/06: Cary at the Start of Hay Pick Up Day #1
6/10/06: Cary Guards a Hay Bale
6/11/06: Hay Inspector Samples the Harvest
6/11/06: Farm Boss Patchy Cat Has the Final Hay Say
6/11/06: Cary & the Nanny Bear Take a Haying Break
6/12/06: Baby Cary in the Hay Truck
6/13/06: Not a Hay Bale in Sight - It's a Beautiful Thing
6/15/06: How to Ensure a Happy Haying Crew
7/14/07: In the Hay, Be Back Soon
7/17/07: Haying Supervisor
6/27/08: Antique Haying Equipment
6/28/08: A Slight Haying Delay
6/29/08: Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
6/30/08: View From A Hay Bale
6/30/08: Meet Our New Hay Inspector

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where as soon as the Four Hour Parisian Daily Baguettes are finished baking (they smell so good!) I'm headed back out to help pick up bales - then we'll be out of the hay and hopefully I'll have time to share a bunch of tasty new recipes that have been piling up, including three simple and refreshing vegetable salads, my new favorite orange loaf cake, and the easiest white bean appetizer spread ever.


  1. Hi Susan,

    I just moved to central MO from the Houston (not the one in Missouri) area. I'm really looking forward to those new recipes. We've only been here a week and I'm still adjusting to not having every ingredient I can imagine at the grocery. We're renting in town while we're building our house in the country, but we started a container garden today.

    A woman at the Lowe's store, only 20 miles away, laughed when I told her we just moved here and asked "why?".

  2. We live in Maine and won't be able to cut hay till July! We have had rainy days with little sun. It is so beautiful seeing the hay cut and baled. Thanks for the photo. I have been reading your blog about moving to MO. Thanks again.

  3. well Yummy sounding recipes coming down the pike. It DOES seem like you were just haying but popular knowledge is the first thing to go is your memory and I don't recall the second (said the old gal). Love seeing Lucky Buddy Bear out there supervising the haying - a good dog's job is NEVER done

  4. I can't wait for the white bean spread. Those Baguettes sound delicious too.

  5. Susan, I love how it all looks so pastoral and peaceful. Good thing you can't see the humidity, huh? (or ticks, chiggers, armadillos...)

    lisadelrio, From my conversations with Susan (see above), I'm guessing "why?" is a valid question. slyGrin

    oh yeah, nice tags... ;-)

  6. Love the photos, but I'm really looking forward to the recipes. They all sound so yummy! Thanks.

    And lisadelrio...I loved your comment about the woman at Lowe's - so funny!!!

  7. Ugh. My condolences on the haying. Good luck.


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