Monday, June 30

Monday Daily Dose of Cute:
Meet Our New Hay Inspector

Topaz takes her job seriously

©, the scrutinized foodie farm blog where Topaz, who spent 15 months at the animal shelter before we adopted her last December (along with Sarah Kate and Mr. Midnight), decided to move outdoors and is loving her new life as a farm cat. She even rode around the farmyard on the hay trailer before I snapped this picture.

Oh yeah, and I lied — a brief explanation of the whole haying process will accompany the next photo, not this one. Plus I still need to get you caught up with the rapidly growing livestock guardian puppies (yes, they finally both have names!), the new bread bakery building, and some other stuff I'm forgetting at the moment. There are more recipes to share and lots of wonderful new cookbooks to give away, too.

Sheesh. How did I get so far behind? It's been almost a week since the last Daily Dose of Cute. And you haven't even met Sylvester the cat — or the cows! At least we had cake and cookies. That makes everything better, right?


  1. awwww - a calico cat - they are so quirky - what an odd thing to have on your farm - a quirky animal! HA - love the cuteness fix and looking forward to whatever spins out of your computer to our screens! Little reprieve around here in the heat - for which we are truly thankful.

  2. I love the haying photos...I really love the old equipment! I am glad it is still in use, rather than rusting in some field. Old but paid for carries a lot of weight.....keep chanting it!

  3. Susan , it is so woderful what you do for those cats! I am looking forward to the update. I saw the pups, but when did you get cows? Cows are so beautiful with those pretty eyes, and long lashes.

  4. Cows,you say?? COWS??? Can't wait to hear about this...

  5. Wait a minute. Go back. When did you get cows!

  6. Cake and cookies DOES make everything better. But I still want to hear about the puppies. And Bear. I wouldn't want him to think he isn't loved.

  7. I enjoy the hay baling pictures, it remind me of home. THey are pretty to look at but with last weeks temps I know it did not feel so pretty:) Sweaty and itchy more like it.
    So are these dairy or beef cows? We had Brown Swiss, when I was young.

  8. Whatever happened to the llamas? We haven't seen them for so long.

  9. I love to see cats on hay. I bet she was on the look out for mice. Sylvester ?? & cows?? What do the sweater girls think about cows???
    Sounds as if your having a great time "stocking" the farm. Can't wait to hear the pups names. I have a foundling kitten (orange) minus half his tail. Tail now sewn up and on the mend , cristened Sancho for his adventure in the big world. I love names and you come up with great ones.

  10. What about the baby donkey? Or am I just WAY behind the eight ball here? Love your site. I lurk here all the time.

  11. Love her name... she reminds me of my dark calli - Coral. I still come visit when I can. Been working many hours!

  12. I have been reading your blog for a while mostly for the sheep but now the food ideas! Yesterday I took one of your suggestions and sub'ed some oatmeal for some flour and the recipe came out even better than I hoped.
    Thank you! Do you have a sub for butter for those of us who can't have milk?

  13. Oh, there's that CUTE little Topaz! Haven't seen her for awhile! So glad you shared a pic! Please give her an extra scratch from me!

  14. Hello Susan, so nice to meet you!
    I,m so glad that I saw your story in the Country Living Magazine! I promptly looked up your web site and what a wonderful site it is.I enjoy everything, the stories the photos, I always would have loved the country and the animals. Your stories and photos would make great BOOK for children to.I sent your blog to all I know would love it. Thanks for taking us to a nother plane. Eve


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