Friday, June 13

Friday Farm Photos: Cloudy Morning Sparkle

Farm Jewels As Farm Art

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  1. Wouldn't it have been fun if it would have said "what a lamb?"

    Have been a lurker for quite sometime...enjoy! Keep up the touching photos. Fellow Missourian.

  2. Well, besides looking pretty, dew-drop spider webs have the advantage of being visible, unlike the regular ole invisible spider webs that I routinely walk into and then do my crazy spider web dance to brush them off and make sure there are not spiders still attached to that web. Wow, the world's longest sentence.

  3. I see a birdie in the first one.

  4. How amazing that just a web can be so beautiful. In the first one I see a bird with long legs. If you sort of squint and have a really wild imagination!

  5. Spider webs are so beautiful. I am not a fan of spiders but they make beautiful webs. I watched a spider make a web and I was amazed at how fast they work.

  6. What beautiful pictures. Wish I could say I was up early enought to find such wonders in my yard and thoughout the country. You are an inspiring person.

  7. ewww Kristin - me too - we have what seems to be a "web season" - they float through the air even! I feel all crept upon when I get a full web attack. Pretty pics though FG - very pretty

  8. mornin' farmgirl...
    i'm jealous that you found webs you could actually photograph! we have some pretty incredible webs around our place, but at this time of year, they are down on the ground in clumps on top of the matter how i force my husband to contort his body to shoot them, they just come out flat and misty... we tried sliding the camera under the webs a few times, and just completely demolished some hard working spider's all nighter!

    p.s. kristin's crazy spider web dance made me laugh so loud i scared the dogs!

  9. You've got some terrifically talented spiders out there!

  10. You take the most wonderful spider web photos - these are really stunning!

  11. What wonderful photos. I see a silly bird in the first, a butterfly in the second, and a bat in the last (or it could be a sting ray, I was just focused on flying things out of the water!) I love the thought of it saying "what a lamb". I loved Charlotte's Web, but it always struck me that the spider was the most amazing thing about the whole story!

    I so love visiting this site! Cheers Farmgirl!


  12. Hi,
    These are absolutely GORGEOUS! Do you ever sell your photos? My husband would love one as a b'day gift.

  13. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the fun comments!

    Hi AlwaysJoy,
    Yes, I do sell my photos, and one of these days I will hopefully get around to having the greeting cards, small posters, etc. that so many readers have requested officially available for sale.

    In the meantime, you're welcome to email me about specific photos you're interested in: farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!


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