Monday, September 8

Feel Like A Little Focaccia?

Focaccia: Easy To Make, Impressive to Look At, & Delicious of Course!

I recently shared a recipe for
Lamb Burgers with Garlic, Shallots, & Feta that were served up on homemade rosemary focaccia. I promised that the focaccia recipe would be up soon over on A Year in Bread, and it is!

Wondering what A Year in Bread is? In the spring of 2007, two bread baking buddies and I started a fun year-long project where we chose a monthly theme and then each shared a different recipe for that type of that bread. We started with pizza dough (because it's less intimidating than making loaves of full-fledged yeast bread) and went on from there. Our search system and site navigation are severely lacking right now, but there are links to all the monthly archives in the left sidebar of the homepage.

We slacked off a little toward the end of the year, never got to the highly anticipated sourdough section as planned (though Beth has some great starter-making photos), and due to other commitments (you know, like lambing season) have sadly ignored the site for much of the past several months.

And while Kevin has moved on to bigger and better things (including becoming the Guide for Cooking for Two on, Beth and I have big (though slightly less formal) plans for another Year in Bread—just as soon as she finishes putting the final touches on the text and photos for her wonderful upcoming cookbook (which includes a couple of my recipes!), Picture Yourself Cooking with Your Kids.

In the meantime, you can check out our roundup of all the sandwich bread recipes we've shared so far on A Year in Bread. The weather is finally cooling down, which means it's time to pull out the flour and crank up the oven. Ready, breadie? Then come bake bread with us!

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where lately we've flipped over focaccia, including a scrumptious yet simple stuffed version filled with roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella that will hopefully be posted soon (like while tomatoes are still in season).


  1. Yummy - we are planning a special eyetalian night here with friends - foccaccia will definitely be on the menu!

  2. That looks delicious! I make sourdough once a week for our sandwich bread, it really is one of the easiest recipes out there once you have the starter going. :o)

  3. Your Focaccia looks absolutely gorgeous! I love that type of versatile bread! Beautiful!



  4. Just gorgeous, and I'm off to the kitchen to make this!

  5. That is one impressively high focaccia!

  6. Aww, crap. Now I'm hungry again. [sigh]

  7. Man, am I glad the MiL likes to bake, because me? Not so much with the baking. All your baked goods look so pretty and tempting. But not pretty enough to inspire me to deal with yeast.

  8. I am ready, breadie.
    I am going to go make this focaccia right now! Hmmm... and some soup.

  9. Susan, I baked your bread last night and it was wonderful. I posted the bread here and have also passed an award on to you in the post.
    Have a great weekend!


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