Thursday, September 4

Thursday Daily Dose of Cute:
Even Kitty Cats Need to Eat Their Greens

Greenhouse Kitty

© Copyright 2008, the aleafy green loving foodie farm blog where sorting through a zillion old photos is a boring, time consuming job but it does have its benefits; some of our favorite photos often slip through the cracks, like this one taken back in May of Topaz (before she moved outside and slimmed down) inspecting some salad greens—right before she started eating them.

The lemon balm and Greek oregano (in the pots on the left) and Swiss chard (which is one of my favorite—and easy!—things to grow) are all still going strong, but that beautiful, heat-hating arugula has long since gone to seed.

Now that the days will be cooling down, though, I'll start watering the section of raised bed where the seeds fell (since I was too lazy to actually collect and save them), and a whole new crop of arugula will hopefully sprout up in a couple of days. We'll go from seed to salad bowl in less than a month.

Topaz will be thrilled—and I will, too of course. (And we've decided that it's okay to use crazy run-on sentences in the copyright notice.)


  1. Topaz is adorable and your garden looks so pretty and sounds so yummy! I need to go make a salad now!

    (and I love your run-on sentences!)

  2. Hi Barb!
    I've been trying to figure out how to get a hold of you. I still need you to email me your address so I can send you the copy of Comfort Food and the totebag you won in the giveaway contest! : )

    My email address is: farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com.

  3. I am envious, now and then, of your farm life. I was raised in Blue Grass, Iowa and Peekskill, NY seems a long way from that. But why would my swiss chard, which everyone claims is a cinch to grow, languish in my raised bed like a temperamental rose bush? Too dry? Too much shade?

  4. Great kitty photo! And the greens are so lush and lovely. My Swiss Chard is still producing, but really does not like the heat we've had lately.

  5. Hi Susan ~ I just resent my email to you. Apparently, I goofed up your email address. Let me know if you don't get it.

    Thanks so much.

  6. We'll take crazy run on sentences!
    I hope your weekend is a great one.

  7. Ohhhh! Sho shweet! What a purrty girl that Topaz is.

    And my word verification is: kitae. What a coinky-dink!


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