Saturday, September 27

Saturday Farm Photo: Sheep Gone Wild!

Havoc—or Hysterical?

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where there is no reality, only perception. So when your visiting foodie mom runs over to you on your way back from the barn yelling, "Come quick! The sheep are wreaking havoc in the hay!" you walk across the farmyard, assess the situation, and calmly announce, "That's not havoc—that's a photo op." And then you start clicking away. Note: this photo was actually taken way back in February of 2007 (I've been sorting through old photos) which explains the lack of leaves on the trees and the large section of hay missing from the falling-down haybarn.)


  1. I'm going with hysterical on this one, but only because they're not MY sheep and I don't have to try to herd them away from the food.

    And I see Bear is there, looking alert, but not being very helpful . . .

  2. I love Buddy Bear's take on this - yep - those sheep in the hay - yep - the woman will be out here with a camera soon.

  3. Being on the receiving end of this same situation before, I think it's both hysterical AND havoc and Iris Maybelle says she can totally sympathize with Lucky Buddy Bear.

  4. Looks like the sheep equivalent to a rave to me!*G*


  5. I just love reading the "Comments" section 'cuz it's so cool to see just how many people love your blog! As someone else said, "I HAVE to read it everyday" and if I do have to miss it, I make sure I catch up fast!

  6. Pretty cool pic. It reminds me of my own sheep. They seem to head for the hay barn when ever they get a chance.

  7. Enjoy your blog so very much.
    Checked out the grocery in Japan. I have only traveled in the states but still interesting going in the different grocery stores and how the area dictates the foods. Wish I could find good produce like they had shown.
    Love your page, sheep, chickens etc. Thanks. Jan


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