Saturday, March 7

Saturday Farm Photo: Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!


Both the chickens and the egg came before this post:
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© Copyright 2009, the hard-boiled foodie farm blog where we're thrilled that our little flock of eight chickens (which includes 3 extremely old hens and one colorful and studly rooster) is providing us with eggs again (to the surprising tune of four or five a day!), but laying an egg that big just had to hurt.


  1. I'll bet it's a double yolker!

  2. Makes me think of my daughter's birth... ouch... That is one big egg! That's some chicken you have there!

  3. We too are starting to get eggs..little bluish ones. We have 4 hens and 2 roosters, wish wehad more. We're starting to let ours roam about..they love it and it's so fun to watch. Happy Spring!

  4. Tell me, was that big one in the middle a double yolk??

  5. hi farmgirl...
    speaking of's whitey?

  6. farm fresh eggs! i can't wait for the farmers markets to get my hands on some of these. too bad there is an ordinance about having chickens in your backyard where i live...



  7. CountryMidwife3/08/2009 10:54 AM

    For what it's worth, I've helped several women deliver small 6ish lb babies and big 11 lb babies. Unless it's a first baby (whole 'nother ballgame) none of them have ever thought the big ones hurt more!!! (And hey, they'd know). We'll hope that applies to chickens too

  8. Oooh! A double yolker!

  9. That's a beautiful basket of eggs, Susan. We have four hens. I usually get one egg a day but the other day there were three in the nest. The small red sex-links lay huge brown eggs and the big Rhode Island Whites lay small brown eggs. Go figure. As soon as the new chicken house is finished I'm going to add to the flock. I'd love to see some current chicken photos.

  10. I love eggs. These are beautiful. There use to be a farm nearby that sold fresh eggs. Sadly, the gave it up.

  11. Mmmm! I had scrambled eggs (brown) for lunch! So delicious.

  12. That is some egg!

  13. I get such a pleasure collecting our hens eggs. The thought that they may stop laying soon as we head to winter does not fill me with joy!

  14. We had a big egg like that the other day... and one even bigger than that even. I haven't cracked them open yet to see if they are double yolked (or even an egg inside an egg). I'm still just in awe of the shear size (and I guess a little scared). We used to have a local egg producer (till they had a fire) and nearly every egg they sold was a double yolker (in fact it was actually odd to get one from them that wasn't) but their eggs weren't as big as these two eggs are.

    I really enjoy your chicken pics and stories. I was just thinking a few days ago that it was stumbling across your blog at the time Whitey was getting her wish (fertile egg adoption) now coming up on two years ago that gave me a serious case of henvy and a new direction in life. Thanks! It's been a lot of fun and very enjoyable.

  15. I forgot to tell you that Lucy's first word was "cluck cluck!"Gorgeous eggs Susan. They must taste heavenly.


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