Friday, February 27

Friday Double Dose of Cute: A Baby Donkey Look Back

Snuggling Up to Mama

Daphne and 16-Day-Old Evie (taken 7/26/08)

Want a bigger dose of little Evie? She's fluffed up and growing into those ears!
7/10/08: It's Another Birthday Girl!
7/11/08: Newborn Evie Up & Running
9/13/08: Here a Nibble, There a Nibble
10/17/08: Baby Love?
11/2/08: Fashion Statement
2/2/09: Icy Looks
2/7/09: Being Watched
2/11/09: Are You Ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count?

© Copyright 2009, the donkey ridden foodie farm blog where it was too hard to decide which of these cute photos to post so instead we posted them both—and we can't figure out which seems more unbelievable: that Dolores and Daphne will probably each have another baby this summer (thanks to the quick moves of Dan the Donkey Doodle Daddy Man), or that we're supposed to get 3 to 4 inches of snow tomorrow.


  1. Oh...I want that baby! I thought our horses were cute..just want to wrap my arms around that darling baby! You know what else is cute? There's a miniture donkey farm here in the state, their babies are astonishingly CUTE!

  2. Dan is the man! They are all just so cute.


  3. Double dose of cute doesn't even start to describe the cuteness - it brought a smile as always to my morning. Snow - looking at your pic it doesn't seem possible. Have you seen personalities coming from Evie yet?

  4. Soooo cute! Your donkeys are irresistible! I love farm animals...

    Cheers and have a great weekend,


  5. Oh Dan the Man! Such a stud.

    I can't wait for all the baby photos you'll be posting. Little chicks, lambs, donkeys ... did I miss anyone?

  6. So, so sweet! It's nice to remember spring and summer, too. I don't mind seeing pix "out of season."

  7. Oh boy - more cute babies! Life seems to be mighty....fertile around the farm....

    And we're expected to get 17" of snow tonight *groan*, promise me winter will soon be over!

  8. your site is so nice.... It inspires me to have my own farm someday. I remember the passage that says, "the Lord will greatly bless his people.Wherever they plant seed, bountiful crops will spring up.Their cattle and donkeys will graze freely."

  9. Love the blog and looking forward to trying some of your adventurous recipes. As a Donkey admirer you really need to read the book by Robert Louis Stevenson called, Travels with a Donkey. I myself have not experienced working with asses (literally) though found reading about them to be quite cheeky. No pun intended. :) Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


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