Saturday, October 10

Saturday Farm Photos: Color Me Autumn

Next on the Agenda: Getting this Picturesque but Very Dead Tractor (Hopefully) Fixed!

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© Copyright 2009, the roasty toasty foodie farm blog where the recent cool and stormy weather (yay—2.75 inches of rain) brought it down to a nippy 51 degrees in The Shack this morning. That's fine for me (I love wearing layers!) but a little on the chilly side for rising bread dough, so the first fire of the season in our little living room pot-bellied woodstove (our main source of heat) is emanating that into-your-bones warmth and crackling merrily away. Oh so cozy.

Now we just need to get in gear and go cut a lot more
firewood before it's time to start up the big wood-fired furnace in the new building, especially since last year's wonderful heat cheat source petered out after just three deliveries. You know what they say about firewood—it warms you up four times: when you cut it, when you stack it, when you carry it inside, and when it finally burns. There's nothing that compares to it.


  1. good to hear you have the wood stove going - it is chilly and damp here - have had the furnace on this morning and been using bathroom heater for a few days now. Too bad about the wonderful firewood source! yep - since we don't depend on fire for anything but decoration (fireplace not very efficient) we don't stock up much - good pictures today and hope each day you are feeling stronger - less pain

  2. I find I get pretty warm swearing at it, too, when it falls on my toes. Except this year I am totally playing the pregnancy card and NOT carrying large loads of wood in every day. Thanks, future child, for excusing your mother's laziness!

  3. beautiful photos! i love the hay barn, and the tractor looks perfect! hope you can get it going.....

    i have fond memories of the days at the wood pile as a child, and sometimes i do miss them, althou, my parents probably had to listen to a lot of whining from my brother and i!

  4. DH (The Farmer) was very sad to see your MF180 setting outside, rusting. He mentioned to me that he would be happy to take it off your hands and put it to work. (insert big evil grin here)

  5. Beautiful photos, gorgeous colours.

  6. The first pic looks like the hay is supporting the roof.


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