Tuesday, October 13

Tuesday Dose of Cute:
Who's Soggy Now? (It's Another Sing Along!)

Fortunately Baby Donkeys Are Waterproof

So far Daphne's baby boy (who still hasn't been given his 'F' name! I've been leaning toward Fernando but haven't quite decided yet) is the only donkey we've had born on the farm this year. That may change very soon, however, since Dolores—who we thought had miscarried during the winter—is now huge. Judging by how much this little guy loves to chase, gnaw on, and generally torment (in a little brother kind of way) his big sister Evie (who doesn't have any interest in playing with him), I know he'll be thrilled if a new playmate shows up.

Want to see more baby donkey cuteness?
Daphne's baby boy (born 7/09)
Evie (born 7/08)
Esmeralda (born 7/08)
Dinky (born 7/07)

© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the longeared foodie farm blog where what started as one little donkey has now turned into six—and if I can get them to start eating the dreaded cactus that is taking over the farm even faster than the donkeys are, I've been told by my hunky farmguy (and resident cactus hater) that a herd of 100 would be more than welcome!


  1. My one year old was sitting on my lap while we looked at your post. She squealed with delight at the donkey. How cute.

  2. Oh, come on; he looks like a Frankie!

  3. Fred is nice donkey name, or how about Frank? Frasier? I had a rooster named Frasier a few years ago.

  4. I think his name is Freddie.

  5. Finneus! (Finn for short.) Also a fan of Felix and Fritz (Fritzy-baby? Very German.)

  6. Oh, I'd be tempted to dry the little darling off and bring it into the house! SO cute..I look at your blog every time you post and I always say...ahhhh!
    Come say hi sometime :D

  7. How about Francis, like in the old movie series about a donkey who could talk? (not to be confused with Frances which is a girl's name lol)

  8. He is so adorable. I think I have over dosed on his cuteness. What is it about donkeys? I had a burro when I was young and have never stopped loving these guys.

    He does look like Fernando to me.

    That will be wonderful if Delores does has a little one! Delores is beautiful!

  9. You have already named him: Fortunato! You can call him Forte for short.

  10. he's so cute!! :D I just love his fuzzy little face!

  11. Although I personally like Fernando, the name "Farnsworth" just popped into my head


  12. hey Susan...What about a good Irish name like Finnegan? Maybe mama and baby would be a great start to fall needle felting....lucky you with all that cuteness running around...I love how your banner has changed with the seasons...Bravo..Kerry

  13. That little guy is so cute! How about the name Ferdinand? Did you ever read the children's book about Ferdinand the bull that didn't want to fight, but only wanted to sit under his favorite tree and smell the flowers? It was a popular one at our house:)

  14. Farley? Felix? Francis? Finn?

  15. Hi Susan,
    call him Frederik - after the crown prince of Denmark, to match Liselotte the sheep :-)

  16. i guess most big sisters don't think it's fun playing with younger siblings! although this one is super cute and looks like a fun guy!
    i grew up in the countryside and once knew two donkeys called pernille and rosita. they screamed like mad if they were separated... hope f gets his playmate!

  17. Susan,

    Thank you or officially getting stuck in my head the llama, llama song now henceforth known as the donkey song.

    Here's a donkey, there's a donkey, donkey, donkey, Dan.

    My suggestion: Fargo

  18. I stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying it!

  19. I feel like I am in a peace peace world, where everything is so simple yet so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all those pics with the rest of the world!

  20. There was something in the air that night
    The stars were bright
    They were shining there for you an me
    For liberty
    Though I never thought that we could lose, there's no regrets
    If I had to do the same again
    I would, my friend

    You have cacti? Aren't you in zone 5?


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