Sunday, October 11

Sunday Dose of Cute: Relaxing in the Afternoon Shade

Really Relaxing

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© Copyright 2009, the kick back with your hooves and paws up foodie farm blog where Daisy, who is actually resting just a few feet from her two-factioned flock in the farmyard, only looks as if she's completely off duty (and dead to the world). One strange little noise and she'll be all ears and bark. And besides, she know she's got big bad Marta nearby as backup.


  1. In that second photo of the sheep it looks as if one of them is bleeding on their hindquarters. Is that just an optical illusion? Or a deliberate marking?

  2. I've seen Daisy and Marta in the past few months. Do you still have the other dogs?

    Your site makes me smile and often teaches me things. Thank you!

  3. I love your photos. Are those your sheep? Amazing. We have a small 'flock' of 3 now.

  4. Hi Jean,
    Don't worry - he's not bleeding! That's just marking crayon - when we work the sheep (give wormer, trim hooves, etc.) we mark each one after we've worked them so we know who we've already done.

    A friend who has sheep (and pigs!) was over helping me work the sheep one day and was about to mark the first one straight down her face. I shrieked. She said it's a lot easier to see than when you mark their rumps. I said my sheep have to look cute for pictures and can't have red and blue lines drawn down their faces! : )

    Hi Mommy de Uber-kids,
    We do still have the other dogs, and they're both doing just fine - thanks for asking.

    You'll find lots of pictures of Lucky Buddy Bear, our Australian/English Shepherd stock dog here and here. Robin, our retired 13-year old beagle, is thrilled that the woodstove is going - you'll find her smiling face here.

    Hi WeekendFarmer,
    It's always nice to hear from another sheep owner - no matter how small their flock! Those are indeed our sheep - most of them anyway. Right now we only have 53 (at one point we had more than 100), but we're about to start breeding for next year. Before we know it, another lambing season will have begun!. : )


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