Wednesday, October 28

Wednesday Dose of Confusion (and Cute):
Where Did that Creek Come From?

Because It Definitely Wasn't Here This Morning

Wanna get wet?
3/18/06: Meandering By The House
3/26/06: The Bigger The Water Dish, The Happier The Dog
5/5/06: View from the Middle of the Creek after Six Inches of Rain
5/13/06: Morning Mist Rising off the Creek
5/13/06: Cat Fishing?
5/15/06: Sheep Crossing
1/15/07: Running Water, Rubber Boots, & Mud
1/19/07: Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Stream
2/25/08: A Rare Winter Sight—And Geese!
3/19/08: Flood Watch
4/7/08: Who's A-fraid of the Big Bad Creek? The Big Bad Creek?
4/8/08: A Fresh New Day Full of Morning Mist (and lots more hazy photos)
4/10/08: Surf's Up!
5/16/08: Splish Splash!
1/18/09: Crossing Over to Bigger and Better Things!
4/24/09: Creek's Up!

© Copyright 2009, the flash flowing foodie farm blog where there's nothing like hiking out for a day of grazing in the far field and then finding a rushing stream of water has suddenly appeared between you and the barn (okay, maybe it wasn't exactly rushing, but still). Fortunately everyone is now safely back where they belong, the two loaves and dozen rolls of Honey Bran Whole Wheat I was in the middle of baking during all of this unexpected excitement didn't overrise, burn, or otherwise become inedible (though I did forget to grease the loaf pansbummer), and I've now been thoroughly reminded that the big crack in one of my beloved rubber boots is even bigger than it was the last time the creek was up—and I never did get around to buying that replacement pair.


  1. Ha! I know the feeling I am not too far from you (central Illinois) so I am assuming you have been getting the same ridiculous amounts of rain we have. I practically have a mud slide in one of my main vegetable gardens. :( Could be worse though we could be all those farmers waiting to get the corn and beans out of the field. I guess mud slides and new creeks aren't so bad. :)

  2. temporary boot repair = duck (more properly duct) tape! poor sheep - they do look confuzzled

  3. I see it is waterfront property season again. Love the color of those dark sheep, what a beautiful, rich chocolate.

  4. I love how the sheep in the front are like "Now what?!" and the sheep in the back are like "what's going on up there, why did we stop" proving that even the country gets traffic jams ;> - and I think you should use the crack in the boot to buy an incredibly cute pair of rubbers, maybe with flowers, or plaid! :D

  5. Whether the weather be fair or whether the weather be not...

  6. Gorgeous photos, as always!

  7. Hee hee - they DO look confused, as only sheep can . I heard your area got masses of rain - and so far, thank you for not sending it my way!

  8. Those are cute pictures! I live in MO too and we've had a lot of rain lately huh? I've really enjoyed your blogs, they've been very inspiring to me.

  9. Beautiful sheep! What kind are they?

  10. eight pond farm11/03/2009 11:18 PM

    We had the same thing happen to us earlier this year (also MO) but with a real rushing "river". We were on one side, sheep on the other -- just looking at one another. Finally, they decided to cross (we were still trying to figure how or if we'd have any footing in the creek at all). The first ewes swam across and then some of the mommy ewes pushed their lambs onto the backs of the swimming ones. Then met them on the other side. I was absolutely amazed.

  11. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. : )

    Thanks for the tip. How could I have forgotten duct tape?! I use it to repair everything that can't be fixed with clothespins and bungee cords! : )

    Ha, it's funny you said that about the rubber boots. Last summer I ordered two different birthday pairs of rubber boots - one this beautiful sky blue (one of my favorite colors) and the other covered with happy orange sunflowers. But neither of them fit right!

    Last week, though, I did buy a new pair of the exact same ones I've been wearing for years - unexciting dark green but made in the USA, comfy, tall enough to wade through the creek, and very durable. Apparently fashion and farmgirls don't always mix! ;)

    For years we've raised Suffolks - the black faced and black legged breed of meat sheep - but last year we introduced some Katahdin hair sheep into the mix to help with parasite resistance (we have a terrible time with worms in Missouri - the wet warm weather is parasite paradise!). So far it's working well. You can see pictures of some of the Katahdins here.

    Eight Pond Farm,
    That is amazing. You have some very brave sheep! I can hardly get mine to go in up to their ankles. : )

  12. that second photo....priceless.


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