Wednesday, October 21

Wednesday Dose of Color (and Cute):
Little Bear in the Big Woods

On the Ridge above the Farm

Heading Back Down the Driveway

And Down

And Down Some More

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© Copyright 2009, the transformative foodie farm blog where Lucky Buddy Bear (our English/Australian Shepherd who you can see more of here and here) is always a willing walking companion no matter what the season—and this year's autumn leaf show can only be described as fast and furious (and fabulous). Compare the second photo above to this same section of the driveway just a few short weeks ago—and look how much color there still was in the woods on November 4th two years ago). I took these photos five days ago, and everything already looks completely different out there—all glimmering golds and rusts and browns—but we've been walking so late each evening that it's been too dark to snap any currently colored shots!


  1. I sure enjoyed your autumn woods photos. We don't get that kind of color our here on the plains. I added you to my blog list and I'll try your recipes.
    Shery Jespersen

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, those colours are amazing. What a great walk.

  3. Wow, those colours are amazing!!

  4. Such a lovely walking route you have there! I'm getting ready to try your no-sugar green tomato relish this Sunday; I have all the additional ingredients on hand and it's too cool now for the remaining tomatoes to ripen.

  5. Living in Northern Ontario our colours are different, mostly yellow (birch and poplar) with some orange and flashes of vivid red (oak and maple). Yours give an amazing tapestry of colour. My regret is that fall is so busy that I don't get into the woods as much as I would like. The dogs love the runs and the bush is good for my soul. Thanks for showing me another beautiful walk.

  6. BEEEAAARRR! And the title is a play on one of my favorite books. It's the perfect post.

  7. Just gorgeous! Our fall color is beautiful too! (I love fall!) It is a very special time of year except raking the leaves gets to be a bit of a chore after while. You probably don't have to rake, huh? You have plenty of other chores, however. I'm not complaining.

    Thanks for the beautiful colorful pictures and Lucky Buddy Bear.

  8. Oh that reminds me of a road near my childhood home.


    This is my favorite time of year. Thanks for sparking some memories!

  9. Beautiful autumn colors and looks like a wonderful place for a walk with your Lucky Buddy Bear (what a great name!) We don't get to see much of autumn colors here (too far south) so I miss that every year unless we are lucky enough to get a fall vacation and go north. Thanks for posting such beautiful and cute photos of your farm!

  10. this is so gorgeous!!! what heaven to walk in such pretty woods!

  11. Beautiful colors! Great that you have such a supportive walking companion.

  12. The different colors are one of my favorite parts of the Fall. And the size of the trees makes Bear look so small.

  13. There is nothing like the dazzling colors of foliage to awaken my nostalgia for home. Just lovely, Susan.

  14. Your colors are beautiful...we still havent hit peak here but should by next weekend I think. Check out my post Fall Foliage Friday, later today.

  15. Looks like you are getting your colors too!

    Perfect time for walking.


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