Saturday, May 1

Saturday Dose of Cute: Meet the Donkey Day

Meet the Donkey Day 1

Meet the Donkey Day 2

Meet the Donkey Day 3

Meet the Donkey Day 4

Meet the Donkey Day 5

Meet the Donkey Day 6

Meet the Donkey Day 7

Meet the Donkey Day 8

Meet the Donkey Day 9

Little lamb (and big sheep) rule #1:
Never get between a Dan and his treats.

He's a Donkey Doodle Dan-dy!
Just getting to know our Dan? Start here.
Want to get to know him a lot better? Go here.

© Copyright 2010, the can't believe it's May (I say that every month, don't I?) foodie farm blog where this is the time of year when it's easy to tell how backlogged my photos sometimes get. (The other day Joe said I could probably completely stop taking pictures and still have enough stuff to blog for a couple of years.) That brown and grey wooded hillside in the background is now tree to tree green. What a difference six weeks makes! And for those of you concerned (for either the lambs or Dan) after seeing these photos, rest assured there is no longer a donkey residing in the nursery—and nobody was harmed when there was, though somebody definitely got a little testy at treat time.


  1. A lovely collection of pictures! Those lambs are nosy ;-P...



  2. A donkey don't need no babies messing with treat time - it is a zen thing! lol - yes it is easy to get backlogged on blogging and lots of other things when babies being born and garden needing tending -

  3. I am a big fan of Dan but I have to say, the lambs are impossibly cute!


  4. I love how the brown lamb is a little more curious, then goes back and gets the white lamb to come along so they'll get into trouble together. I had a friend in school who did the same thing (and got me to go along just in time to get caught!)

  5. Do you still have your llamas? And what about that barn! :)

  6. I love your Donkey pictures! They are so cute. I am currently living in NYC and decided to go to dental school so I could live out in the country like you. I still have 4 years of dental school (I start in the Fall) to go but I check out your blog all the time to keep my eyes on the prize :)

  7. This one made me laugh out loud, the caption is perfect too. Thanks for brightening my overworked afternoon.


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