Wednesday, June 30

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Newborn Confusion & Nannies

Newborn Confusion 1

Newborn Confusion 2
Over here, kid.

Newborn Confusion 3
There we go.

Newborn Confusion 4

Newborn Confusion 5

Newborn Confusion 6
Eugenie and Baby Gigi

I'm so touched by your outpouring of kind and comforting words after the loss of our dear Annette. Thank you. Many of you have asked about her twins. All of this year's lambs are mostly weaned (that's a whole other blog post), and are doing fine.

Annette spent her last day in the barn, and when I brought her little white boy in to be with her, she visibly improved. He parked his butt directly in front of the fan I'd set up to help cool Annette and happily munched on hay. Her black ewe lamb is one of the biggest and best looking of this year's bunch, and I have high hopes for her. If all goes well, we'll breed her in the fall of 2011, and she'll become a mother herself the next spring (when we'll already be up to the 'I' names!).

I'm hoping to have a chance to answer your other questions later today in the comments section of Monday's post about Annette. In the meantime, I'm still looking back through lambing season photos and smiling back the tears.

We do it often on the farm, but it's never easy saying goodbye:
3/13/08: Cary, No Baby

But the sadness is always outweighed by the cute!
You'll find a roundup of 2010 lambing season photos here.
You can get to know our Crazy Daisy Great Pyrenees here.
Live, laugh, and love with Australian/English Shepherd Lucky Buddy Bear here and see him in full Nanny Bear mode here.

© 2010, the real life foodie farm blog where I love the top two photos but never posted them because of that big pile of donkey doo in the second one. But then I told myself that was so stupid because (hello!) this is a farm, and manure happens all the time. It also happens to provide the best organic fertilizer for my kitchen garden. I love the stuff!


  1. You know what is funny? When I read about the donkey poop in the photo I had to scroll back up to LOOK for the poop. My eyes had focused on the darling lamb & sweet Pyr, the poop had escaped attention. It's just more proof that we love your pictures no matter what they include :) Take care & cuddle the lambs ... at least the willing ones, I know some of them are probably all, "We're too big to be cuddled, we're big sheep now."

  2. Your dogs are so gentle around the little animals. I'd be worried about my two dogs - they like nothing more than to hunt down ground hogs, mice, rabbits, etc. I don't think I'd trust them around wee little lambs and goats.

  3. I so use to horsey poo that I didn't even notice it.

    I don't know how you keep everybody straight anyway. They would all have to have name plates for me to keep up with it.

    Cute pictures. Luv them all.

  4. Oh, Susan, I am so sorry to read about Annette and so sorry for your loss. It never ceases to amaze me how much we fall in love with our animals (farm or not) - but they truly are a joy and I think our lives are so enriched because of them. Thank you so much for sharing them with us - we love them too.

  5. Hi farmgirl! I'm a new follower! I love your lifestyle and am envious!!! I'm a new blogger but feel free to follow me if you have time! :)

  6. I just found your blog through Farmhouse Country Style's. I read through your 'about me' and think you did the coolest thing ever by packing up and making a big move! You are so brave!!! I'm enjoying looking through your blog.

  7. Hi Susan, I'm sorry to hear about Annette. You are so good to your sheep. Bringing her baby to her, how sweet. If you sprinkle your pictures from lambing season over the course of the year we could enjoy them all year long! Have a great 4th.

  8. So sorry hearing about Annette. The farm animals are amazing and I so remember all the funny things with them when growing up on the farm. That's great with your dog, he must be gentle as a lamb himself!

  9. you know, now that you mention it he DOES kind of look like NANA from Peter Pan! ;) It sounds like you made Annette's last moments happy ones. What a good lamb mommy you are! If I lived near you I would bring you something sweet, it always helps to ease the pain. Take care!

  10. As a fellow farm girl, I understand the ebb and flow of life and unfortunately death on the farm. It doesn't matter if you have had a ewe for years or a lamb live for only a hours, it still is saddening to have to watch life leave their bodies.


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