Sunday, June 13

Sunday Dose of Cute: The Dangers of a Laundry Line

Quilt Attack 1

Quilt Attack 2

Quilt Attack 3

Quilt Attack 4

Quilt Attack 5

Quilt Attack 6

Quilt Attack 7

Quilt Attack 8

Quilt Attack 9
Five Pounds of Pure Terror

Innocent Little Kit Kat Kate
Who, Me?

That's our little Sarah Kit Kat Kate!

Want to see some safer laundry on the line?
1/2/06: Winter Color
5/6/09: The Lamb and the Laundry Line (a look back at Baby Cary)
2/18/10: A Nice Day

If you love clotheslines, be sure to check out Wash Wednesdays at GardenMama for lots of good, clean fun.

© Copyright 2010, the rated PG-13 for violence foodie farm blog where thankfully this isn't one of my vintage quilts (it's a queen size $20 Bed Bath & Beyond bargain I found several years ago and loved so much I bought two)—which is why I decided to take these photos rather than make her stop. That, and I was laughing too hard. Oh, and another danger of the laundry line? Birds. Need I say more?


  1. You know, the birds really visit my back porch way too much, if you know what I mean, and I know you do. We did not have a dryer when I grew up, and all clothes were hung outside but we never had bird poop like I do now....

  2. Hi!
    I've just spent the last several hours looking at your blog and falling in love with your great animals- especially Cary!
    How is she? I didn't see an entry about her 4th birthday. Wishing you well with your busy life-
    Ruth in Kansas

  3. I hope the kitty didn't do any damage to your quilt. I've had birds poop on the washing on my line too which is really annoying, but they say it lucky so who cares.

  4. Awww, I love your blog.
    Also, I love your Great Pyrenese! We used to have one growing up. His name was Sidney

  5. My cat Lizzy does the exact same thing with our laundry. Once she got stuck on a knitted sweater - and just hung there, crying for help. Good luck I was close by to give her a hand. Seconds later she was at it again...

  6. Aw! What a cutie! I love how you can see her contemplating her moves...

  7. At least the clothes pins held! I was waiting for a last picture with the cat streaking from beneath a collapsed quilt. :)

  8. Great series of shots! I can just hear those little claws on quilt. Bad little kitty. And how could you be mad at a cute little face like that??!

  9. lol I love it!! You had me worried there for a minute with your title hahaha : )
    pairing cute cats with laundry hanging on the line, perfect!

  10. Hi Everybody,
    So glad you enjoyed these photos. Thanks for taking the time to write - I always appreciate the feedback. And not to worry - the quilt (and the cat) are fine. ; )

    Ro Magnolia,

    Ha, that would have been hysterical!

    Hi Ruth,
    Welcome to the farm! Cary is happy and healthy and doing just fine. We celebrated her 4th birthday here with lots of never before seen cute baby photos. :)

    Frau Putz,
    Too funny!

  11. I just found your blog for the first time. Being a quilter and cat lover, I so enjoyed this post! What a sweet even if mischievous little fur baby you have. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. I love these pictures! We have a cat who has similar coloring. Every time I pick him up he seems to want to glare up at the ceiling fan. I think he would attack it as your cat is attacking this quilt!

    We have another older cat who loves to hang out at the clothesline and roll around while I'm out there. He used to attack my ankles terribly when I was out there hanging the laundry. Must be a feisty place for cats!

    Cats are so funny!


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