Wednesday, June 16

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Visit to a Friend's Farm

At a Friend's Farm 1

At a Friend's Farm 2

At a Friend's Farm 3

At a Friend's Farm 4

At a Friend's Farm 5

At a Friend's Farm 6

At a Friend's Farm 7

At a Friend's Farm 8

At a Friend's Farm 9

At a Friend's Farm 10

At a Friend's Farm 11

At a Friend's Farm 12

At a Friend's Farm 13

At a Friend's Farm 14

At a Friend's Farm 15

At a Friend's Farm 16

Somebody once told me—while I was sitting in their backyard admiring their garden—that it's impossible to fully enjoy your own garden because you can't help seeing all the work that needs to be done.

As someone who tends a fairly large kitchen garden (though it's a lot smaller than the 10,000 square feet I was crazy enough to plant—all from seed—the first summer I lived in the country 16 years ago), I now know exactly what they mean. And I also think the same may be true about farms.

During a recent afternoon visit to a friend's farm (the one who so kindly gave those dozen fertilized eggs to Whitey three years ago, thus beginning our ongoing chick hatching adventures—and who sold me my original flock of sheep back in 1995), the only thing I had to do was ooh and ahh over all the cute animals—and pay attention to where I stepped.

Her farm gets a lot more rain (and has a lot fewer rocks) than ours does, and I was actually jealous of all the mud—but glad she had an extra pair of slop boots.

I somehow managed to make it out of there (and arrive at the junk market with 15 minutes to shop spare) without any adorable puppies tucked in the truck, though I wouldn't have minded taking home a couple of ducks. I think ducks are so cute, and did you know they eat flies? Now if only I could convince someone to dig me a nice big pond.

Want to see more photos taken while out and about?
6/20/09: Local News

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  1. Oh my goodness! How precious!!

  2. Too much cuteness ;-)! I particularly like that piggy!



  3. I'll have the cute black and white pup with the long legs please.

  4. Wonderful photos! I would have smuggled out at least one of those pups! Are those Great Pyr pups with the adult, I wonder? I didn't know they started out marked like that. That was a fun vicarious visit!

  5. My retinas are burned from the cuteness of ALL THOSE DOGS YAY.

    Also, ducks do indeed eat flies. They also eat slugs. They also seem to be particularly susceptible to predators. They also poop EVERYWHERE. Talk about being careful where you walk . . .

  6. I blogged about you today! I started a new regular feature for my blog called "What I Like About You" and you're my first blog focus. I also tried the Orange Yogurt Loaf you posted about recently and it turned out DELICIOUS! Thank-you for having such a creative blog, I love popping by for a visit. :)

  7. I'm a new follower and happy to add you to my morning blog reading (with my coffee). I keep a small blog about my 40x40 kitchen garden (second year) and my cooking adventures. The first rooster picture is STUNNING!

  8. I want one of those puppies!! Too cute!

  9. All those baby animals are so so cute!!!

  10. I think I NEED that pig, no the duck, maybe that black and white puppy. Oh, heck, give me one of everything!

  11. Aw love the little grey collie puppy!

  12. So cute !!!
    The puppies, the black one, the baby cows, the barn looks like it's going to fall at any moment, I don't know how you got out of there without taking two or three home ...

  13. OH MY!! what wonderful pictures!!
    I don't know which picture I like the best. they are all great!!!
    Thanks for Sharing!!!

  14. It may be wrong, but I saw the pig and suddenly craved ham (real ham, not icky deli ham).

    I need to take a nap and those sleeping puppies look like the perfect, warm, snuggly companions. They are SO cute.

  15. That barn looks like a great find for old barn wood for making shelves, lining walls with, etc. It would really look beautiful indoors. I'd like to steal that black and white puppy staring at the camera. Those sad eyes are just too adorable.
    Great pictures.

  16. Oh my goodness! Those dogs are so adorable!! I have a labrador retriever too- and his name is Sammy. Actually I have a photograph of him on my food blog, so check it out if you care to!

  17. Love your blog. I wish I could visit and help on the farm. It makes me remember the farm I was raised on many years ago.

  18. So many great pics!! I am a sucker for a pig!! ha!

  19. Oh, the puppies, the puppies! All of those dogs are just beautiful, and I so wish I had a friend like yours to visit.

  20. puppies! such cute puppies!!! :)

  21. So much cuteness - how do you manage to get anything done with all this around you - its awesome -love the blog :)

  22. I want one. And by one I mean one of everything. The dogs, puppies, rooster, pigs, cows - I want them all. Now if I could just convince my husband.

  23. I'm new to your site - found it by searching for a recipe which I haven't made yet but will be shortly. I love all the animal pictures! They're just too cute!! But that little black and white dog is adorable and also the pig. How many dogs and other animals do you have? Seems like quite a lot.

  24. Your pictures are special. They make me want to see your farm in real life.

  25. You are living my dream. I cannot so I will live it by peeking in on you from now on. I want to take time over the coming weeks to go back in your archives. Why did I not know about you before??? :-) Hope you are having a wonderful Friday on your side of the globe!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  26. I can't believe it's been three years since Whitey's surrogate adventure!

    The animals are adorable, but I coveted the barn wood!

    Always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your life.


  27. Those are great photos!! The first one of the pig is so cute. :) Thanks for the visit to my blog. :)

  28. Great pics and post! I always enjoy your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I've left you an award on my blog, Thinking About It! It's at:

  29. riana lagarde6/19/2010 12:55 PM

    adorable photos, what a great farm. i have been thinking about ducks a lot lately too. i just asked dh today what he thought about me building a duck house... hope you get some too!

  30. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. I'm so glad you all enjoyed this big dose of cute. I'll have to remember to post more puppy photos in the future. : )

    Welcome new visitors and commenters - it's great to hear from you!

    I was talking to my friend who lives with all these critters this morning, and she was telling me how I needed to come back over to her farm so I could check out her whole electric fencing system. Then she said,

    "But you're going to have to put down your camera long enough to pay attention!" ;)

    Jan J.,
    Great Pyrenees pups are actually white. These are only half G.P., which is probably a good thing because I doubt I could have resisted a purebred pyrenees pup! : )

    Ro Magnolia,
    Thank you!

    These animals aren't actually ours, they're a friend of mine's. But we do have quite a few of our own critters. This is the current count:

    —81 sheep (50 adults, 30 lambs)
    —20 chickens (2 roosters, 13 hens, 5 chicks)
    —5 donkeys
    —8 cats
    —4 dogs


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