Monday, July 26

Monday Dose of Cute: Up 'n' At 'Em!

Up 'n' 'at 'em 1
Really? Right now?

Up 'n' 'at 'em 2
Yes! There's milk to be drunk and lots to be done!

Up 'n' 'at 'em 3

Up 'n' 'at 'em 4
Break time. (photos taken 4/3/10)

Need more little lamb cute to start your week? No problem:
(click here and hereto see these posts on two long pages instead)
3/25/10: Those Ears!
3/26/10: Mama Love
3/28/10: A Sneak Peek
4/21/10: Snuggle Up
4/23/10: Surrounded!
5/4/10: Lazy Daisy
5/11/10: Meeting Marta
5/13/10: Nighty Night
5/18/10: Feeling Safe

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  1. Love your photos. This lamb is so CUTE !!! I'm thinking where could I put one in my yard let alone in my house at night.

  2. Ooooh!! Those lambs are just soooo adorable! (I just turn to mush with those baby animal pics!)

    How are all your 'fur kids' getting along now? Are you able to get out to see/feed/love them?

    Take cae - we're all rooting for you!! How's Joe getting along? Recovering from his spider bite??

  3. Holy pants, I can't wait to have my own sheep. SO cute!

  4. Hi. You know that being born is hard work. How sweet the little lamb is.

  5. For a minute I thought someone had given birth last night. I was excited about it. Oh well. Nothing beats baby animals for my Monday.

  6. Sooooo cute. Luv that little nose.

  7. Those pictures are so adorable. I'm so amazed at how strong the little guys are when they decide to start walking. It's like he was thinking, "now's a better time than any!" So sweet-

  8. Ooh, hard to stand! Eh, who cares?

  9. Ok, very seriously cute.

  10. This pic is better than any of the cute cat pics you see so much of on the Internet!

    For a lamb being born it's hard work but don't let him get used to it! He looks like he could stay in that position for quite a while!


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