Thursday, July 15

Thursday Dose of Cute: Chilling Out

Thinking Cool 1

Thinking Cool 2

Thinking Cool 3

Thinking Cool 4

Well, that was an unexpected blogging break. You still out there? Hi! So the good news is that although this ridiculous heat and humidity still won't quit, we're finally getting some much needed rain (even the weeds were crunchy). In fact, a booming thunderstorm blew through this afternoon and gave us almost an inch. Very good news indeed.

The bad news is that the rain is pretty much the extent of the good news. I'm hoping to fill you in on everything that's been going on tomorrow. In the meantime, I figure I might not be the only one who could use a dose of cute and cooler days.

If you're in need of a bigger summer snowstorm, you'll find lots more winter wonderland pictures here. And there are links to oodles more cute photos here.


  1. Susan - I"m worried about y'all now - hope it isn't you or Joe or Cary or Bear - well heck - I'd hate it if anything bad happened to the family of FarmGirl

  2. We have had more than plenty of rain here; the barrels are full, and I keep moving the overflow tubes to different parts of the garden. I wish we could share some of this natural resource with you!

  3. I'm glad you're back, like LindaSue I missed you & was getting a little worried. I figured maybe you were haying & just too dang tired to blog in the evenings, but then thought, "She's usually not gone this long." I hope all is well & have my fingers crossed that you won the Publisher's Clearinghoue & had to prep for the photoshoots (or something similarly fabulous).

  4. Me too.... been checking daily and KNEW something had to be up with it being over a week and no word from the Missouri Acres. Keep us posted and know that you and your guys and gals are in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Really enjoyed the wintry photos today. Hope that all is okay with you...and that is rains again soon. We have the same weather situation here in CT.

  6. I've been concerned about you too! Quite a long time between posts, which is pretty unusual for you - so I was so happy to see a new one up today - but now I'm worried about all of you too. Please let us know what's been going on - we all LOVE the Farmgirl and her family!!

  7. Uh Oh?? Now we will all worry until you tell us otherwise.

  8. I’m so glad you posted! Hope all is okay. The wonderland pictures are beautiful…it’s supposed to be 106 here in CA…I’m thankful it will be just a little cooler in the mountain where I live…our tomatoes are loving all this heat though!

  9. thanks for the "cool" pictures. I think i might of cooled off by ohhh about 1degree. hehehe Hoping all is well with you and your family.! thought and prays going your way.

  10. We need rain. Hope everything is okay.

  11. Hey Farmgirl, whatever it is, hope it is turning for the better. You have a whole community here wishing you some good karma. (And you know we are all worrying about you guys!) Hugs and kisses to the critters.

  12. Susan & Hunky Farm Guy - wishing you both all the love in the world. If good luck were kisses, these are winging their way to you from across the pond.


    Missing you and wishing I were there to help out. Love BW. XX


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