Wednesday, July 21

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Our Donkey Girls are Growing Up

Dolores and Esmeralda 1

During all the recent headline-stealing hullaballoo that's been happening around here (don't you just love that word, hullaballoo?), sweet Evie and Esmeralda quietly turned two. You can get to know Evie here, and Esmeralda here, and you'll find lots of other donkey photos here and here.

This series of Dolores and two-day-old Esmeralda, taken back on July 8th, 2008 but never posted, is one of my favorites. Enjoy.

Dolores and Esmeralda 2

Dolores and Esmeralda 3

Dolores and Esmeralda 4

Dolores and Esmeralda 5

Dolores and Esmeralda 6

Dolores and Esmeralda 7

Dolores and Esmeralda 8

Dolores and Esmeralda 9

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  1. Baby critters are just cute - well maybe not baby roadrunners (the birds) - they look a little like something out of alien - but donkettes - woohoo -

  2. Hi! I am from Mississippi and I am enjoying reading your posts. The photo of the little donkey with her ears back is adorable.Hope you are feeling better and late Happy Birthday! May you have a blessed week.

  3. REALLY really cute! You must love seeing them when they are this little and with their moms. Your donkettes are just the best for making us smile!

  4. I just read your snake bite(s), spider bite(s), teeth pulling, birthday post... and by the end of it tears were streaming down my face. You have such a way with words. I am glad that you both are on the mend. But I am so very sorry to hear of Robin's passing. I know you will miss him terribly. Please, you two, be careful out there.

  5. How cute! She seems to be waiting for her mom to get up so she can have a snack. "Are you done yet? I'm hungry. Are you done now? C'mon!"

    I hope your recovery continues to go well, try not to overdo it. But of course you will, so at least try to recognize it early enough to stop before you are totally wiped out :)

  6. What a cute series of photos. She looks like she's trying to figure out what all this rolling around in the dust is all about. You just know what she's thinking in that second to last photo! She was ready eat! Hope your are feeling better!

  7. Love the markings on Dolores' back...

  8. I'm glad to see the girls having some fun after all the hell you've been through. I hope you're all physically and emotionally healing after the month you've had!

  9. These donketts are just so cute!! Honestly, they can't help but bring a smile...

    And by the way, I know it wasn't the best birthday you ever celebrated but may I wish you a Happy (belated) Birthday! This coming year is going to be sooo much better!!

  10. Donkeys are awesome. Baby donkeys? Doubly awesome.


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