Saturday, July 24

Saturday Dose of Cute: Kit Katting Around (and My Getting Around)

Kit Kat Kate 1

Kit Kat Kate 2

Kit Kat Kate 3

Kit Kat Kate 4

Want to get to know little Sarah Kit Kat Kate better?

As for me, I'm still not getting around much yet, though I did finally make it outside and down to the barn the other day—and even without my walker. Yay. Then yesterday I went and overdid it puttering around for a few hours, and the swelling in my foot and ankle still haven't gone back down. It's also amazing (and sad) how sore just hanging three loads of laundry on the clothesline can make you after basically spending the past two and a half weeks in bed—though it sure felt good to see it all up there swaying in the breeze.

And while I may still be mostly shackbound, I have been spotted a few other places lately:

I'm on Twitter—sort of. Since I'm always behind replying to e-mail and blog comments (thanks for your patience!), tweeting isn't a good idea for me. But for the last several months I've been announcing each new blog post on Twitter—mostly on time, though sometimes I still forget to do it. You'll find Farmgirl Fare on Twitter here, and In My Kitchen Garden here.

I'm on flickr. A while back I started uploading all of my blog post photos through flickr, and it's been working out really well. I'm Farmgirl Susan on flickr, and you can find my photostream here. Right now I only upload photos that appear on blog posts (440 so far), but they're organized into sets—Chickens, Farm Cats, Crazy Daisy, Heart Rocks, Haying Season, Lambing Season 2010, My Hunky Farmguy, etc.—so it's easy to find more of my photos of subjects that you like. Each photo also includes a direct link to the Farmgirl Fare or In My Kitchen Garden blog post where it's featured.

If you're already at Farmgirl Fare or In My Kitchen Garden and are trying to find more about a subject, check the bottom of any post for labels that will link to more posts in that category; for example, this post is labeled Daily Dose of Cute 17, Sarah Kit Kat Kate, and Cat Photos 3. That google search bar in the upper right corner on every page of each site is also really handy. I use it all the time.

Want to flickr with me? I've been thinking it would be fun to create some sort of Farmgirl Fare related flickr group where readers could share their own photos, but I'm not exactly sure what the theme(s) should be. Anybody have any ideas?

Welcome House Beautiful visitors! I was tickled when asked to be included in the 'Send Us a Picture of. . .' column for the June 2010 issue of House Beautiful magazine. The theme was favorite summer garden photos, and I submitted a picture of my tomatillo plants taken last year because I love how the dozens of papery husks look like little party lanterns.

Hello Kroger shoppers! I've already heard from some very nice people who found me through a story in a recent issue of the Kroger supermarket chain's instore magazine that featured some of my simple tips for preserving the season's bounty, along with my favorite low fat, full flavor basil pesto recipe that features fresh tomatoes and almonds, freezes beautifully, and tastes amazing when made with purple basil.

© 2010, the mighty huntress foodie farm blog where this morning while Joe and I were sitting in the living room, Sarah Kate popped up through the cat door (this would be a small window five feet off the ground outside where the cats have knocked out the screen so they can come and go as they please), circled the living room yowling like a cat does when they've just caught something, realized there were too many other cats already in the living room, and before we could see anything except a couple of tiny legs dangling from her mouth, leaped back out the window and disappeared. This place cracks me up.


  1. What gorgeous pictures. I really like that first one! A real cutie!



  2. What a cutie doll. I love her name! :)

  3. Re: flickr - how about something simple - like Farmgirl FanFare? I am currently on photobucket but could easily change 'cause I only do it to have the ease of {img} posting!
    BTW - STAY OFF THAT DOGGONED LEG! living without AC you are more likely to swell a good bit anyhow - but standing up too long is just not wise. Hate for you to be out of action any longer than necessary -

  4. Great photos! Glad you are getting around some. Don't overdo it though.

  5. I was out in the country picking blackberries today, Farmgirl, and thinking about how lucky we are not to have copperheads where I was (Mississippi bottomland -far enough North that there are no Cottonmouths either). Although it is too hot for any moving creature.

    Hope you're back to full strength soon as I'm having just fits in the garden this year. Squash bugs, cucumber beetle and a virus that is probably going to decimate my 19 tomato plants. Hurry back, Susan! Hope your garden is going well without your attention.

  6. One more thing -as you have the social media and indeed broader media, including the Kroger newsletter, conquered, have you considered a Farmgirl Facebook page for quick updates, etc? Not sure what you might gain other than more fans. Another wat to stay connected and push info.

  7. You leave me breathless doing all you do! I can imagine that it is frustrating for you not to be able to do everything you want to do, but please take care of yourself (and Joe, too!) first.

    Love Sarah Kit Kat Kate - what a great cat she seems to be - never a dull moment on the farm, is it?

    Thanks for the updates - we all wonder and worry about you!

  8. Great to hear you are up and around, and Sarah Kit Kat Kate is a doll! I'd join the chorus of "don't overdo it" except I totally overdo it when it comes to hanging laundry on the line -- best therapy ever.

  9. Hey Farmgirl, so glad you are feeling a little better (can tell by the tone of your posts!) Take it easy though-hunky farmguy and the critters need you back in action in your best form so rest up NOW!!!!Sending all the best fireflies, moonbeams, breezes and karma your way here from the steamy Catskills!!

  10. Oh Susan, what a time you have had this summer! I'm sure it is even more than you can convey with words, but just want you to know that your fans here in the blog world are thinking of you, praying for you, pulling for you and hoping for many good things in days ahead.

    I watched my neighbors son with his beagle this morning and couldn't help but think of you...

    Isn't it good to be home?

  11. I like the idea of a flickr group. Linda's suggestion is great. We could add pictures of our gardens, critters, and cooking.

  12. I just found you and I love your pictures. I will definitely follow you. And maybe pick up some tips along the way.

  13. Glad you are doing better. Love your pics! You do so much - just slow down and take it all in. We'll wait for you.

  14. Oh yes... I know just the sound of a successfull little cathunter. By now I wake up immediately when I hear that sound. Works even better than the alarm.
    Perhaps (?) it is because I have twice found a little "gift" from Lizzy in my bed...
    She is such a kind little kitty, sharing food with her friends.

  15. I luv tuxedo cats. Too funny about the dangling legs.

    Glad to hear you got out and about!


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