Tuesday, July 27

Tuesday Dose of Color and Cute: Flora and Fauna

Daylily in the front yard

And the whole picture
And Daisy

Want to get to know our Great Pyrenees Crazy Daisy better?
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1/28/09: Snowed In! (scroll down to see Daisy)
3/19/09: Nap Time
3/23/09: Bear Hug

12/30/09: Snow Day!
1/19/10: Oh, Look

5/27/10: Barn Life

More into flora than fauna? You'll find lots more flower photos here and here and here. Sunflower lovers (aren't sunflowers wonderful?) click here, daffodil lovers click here, and lilac lovers click here.

© 2010 FarmgirlFare.com, the often a little behind foodie farm blog where this time it's a few days late with the daylily photos. This was actually one of our first blooms in the front yard back on June 22nd, and sometime during the recent surreal time warp, the last of these fabulous but fleeting flowers came and went. It was a really good year for them, though, especially since I convinced Joe not to mow a large mysterious patch of the front 'lawn,' back in spring, and the unidentified large leaves I was sure must be something good, all turned out to be daylilies!


  1. Great color on the daylily. You take excellent pictures. I wish I could.

  2. Great pictures! I especially like the second one.

  3. Ooo, that daylily sure looks similar to the one in my dog/flower post today:)

  4. This year was a good one for daylilies in my neck of the woods as well. The marauders from the woods...I mean the deer....left them alone until the very end.

  5. I have a lot of that particular daylily. We dug them up on the road ditch one day coming back from fishing.

    LOL....shovel is always a standard fishing must have when we go off.

  6. Did you know daylilies sell for four bucks a pint in NYC? Craziness. For eating, I mean. Apparently, they're good for stir fry. I'll have to try it next year, because God knows we have no shortage of daylilies.

  7. Daylillies in stirfry? who knew?

    Your photos are beautiful, as ususal.
    I think our daylillies may be done for the year, but they were abundant and gorgeous.

  8. So how are you doing? Hope you are feeling much better. Please do let us know.

  9. happy little daylily, happy little susan!

  10. Beautiful daylily -- they are sturdy little souls, blooming by the roadsides everywhere here in New England. Hope you and HFG continue to be on the mend!


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