Sunday, August 15

Sunday Dose of Baby Donkey Cute: Meet the Dog Day

Meet the Dog 1

Meet the Dog 2

Meet the Dog 3

Meet the Dog 4

Meet the Dog 5

Meet the Dog 6

Well it looks to be unanimous—so far everybody is in favor of us keeping this curious little guy, who literally gets friendlier by the day (so cute).

As for his 'G' name, a lot of you agreed with Joe's choice of Gus, though there have been plenty of other good (and a few odd) suggestions, too. The decision is still out, since 'Gus' isn't showing a whole lot of excitement yet over his probable new name. And just so you don't think we aren't taking your other ideas into consideration, today we even tried out Goober. Yes, two of you suggested Goober—and I think at least one of you was serious.

Sorry, though. The little fellow was hanging out with us by the truck (he loves the truck for some reason) while we filled the 100-gallon water troughs from the tank in the truck bed (that we filled up at the spring), and when Joe asked him if he wanted to be called Goober, he—I kid you not—vigorously shook his enormous ears no, gave an emphatic little snort, jumped in the air, kicked his back legs out, and tore off across the field to the safety of his mother who was 75 feet away at the treet barrow.

So it's definitely not gonna be Goober. But it might be Gus, which does lend itself nicely to cute nicknames like Guster, Gusto (a couple of us thought of that one), Gustopher (which somebody suggested and I really like), and The Little Gus Man.

Got a better 'G' name for him? Add it to the list of possibilities here.

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  1. I can just see that little guy pulling you in a donkey cart some day.

  2. Oh my goodness! He is SO cute!!! I want to give him a hug.

    Even though I like Gus, I am not sure it suits him. Maybe something that refers to the good news that he Goodrow.

  3. BEEEAARRR!! I just love that smiling face. Even if it's really just panting. WHATEVER--looks like a smile to me.

    P.S. There's always Galahad. Sir, that is. Except does that make it an "s" name?


  5. Cute pictures. I like Gus better than Goober!

  6. I thought of you and your donkeys this weekend. A local fair had a rescue group named: Save Your Ass.

    And yes, it was a donkey rescue :)

  7. Ummm, any name that leads to Guster as a nickname is awesome, actually that was the first "G' name I thought of . . .

  8. He's smart enough to know a name he doesn't like so keep telling him names until he likes one.

    George (<--Me...not another name suggestion but see if he likes it)

  9. Yay, he's staying!!

    How about Guillermo? (Guille for short.) I call Bill that sometimes, since it's William in Spanish. :)


  10. I'm with DollZandThingZ and just want to give that cute little guy a hug. It would make my day.

  11. I'm a Goober voter!!! Love it, remember from Andy Griffith show?


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