Sunday, August 8

Sunday Farm Photo: On the Way Home

On the Way Home
From Picking up Milk at the 'Corner Store'

I do get out and about every once in a while:
7/30/08: Super Market
11/27/08: Gobble Gobble
6/20/09: Local News
6/16/10: Visit to a Friend's Farm (puppies!)

©, the faraway from most everything foodie farm blog where the closest milk for sale may be six or so miles down the road, but it's fresh out of a Jersey cow—complete with several inches of amazingly thick cream on the top of each gallon jar—and you can't beat the views on the drive home.


  1. Hmm - perhaps some of that lovely cream on top of blueberry bars? Glad you are getting out and making us all jealous of that beautiful Jersey milk.

  2. How beautiful! Would go out for milk just to see this exquisite view!

  3. That's exactly the kind of view I would want too!

  4. Hope your leg's doing well. now I have to go read through all the earlier posts and see if you sexed the new donkey yet.

  5. I'm so jealous that you are able to find Jersey milk (instead of Holstein)! I grew up on a small hobby farm which ALWAYS had Jerseys. The only other time I've been able to find Jersey milk was my brief stint in Austin, TX where they had Promiseland milk in the stores. What I wouldn't give for a local supplier...

  6. Lovely photo. I grew up with milk and cream from our own cow. I was the only one in the family that drank milk but I loved it.

  7. Beautiful!

    Thank you and what could be better than fresh milk-well, maybe fresh ice cream, well maybe fresh, sweet butter, well maybe fresh, whipped cream...

    I GIVE UP!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  8. What, you don't drink sheep milk?

  9. the view...the ride...the milk...the farm = yum-o!!!

  10. I just found your blog and LOVE the photos! I live in LA and it's sooo relaxing to see the beauty....compared to the stress of this city. I was looking for a homemade pizza recipe online and a link to your website came up. Please keep posting photos!!! So inspiring to me and love the animals....THANK YOU! I may join you soon and be a


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