Friday, December 3

Friday Dose of Cute: Moving In

Kit Kat 1

More photos below. . .

Kit Kat 2

Kit Kat 3

Kit Kat 4

Back in June, Sarah Kate (aka Kit Kat Kate) decided she wanted to live outside, and she's only been in The Shack for a couple of hours since. She spends her days—and probably nights—racing back and forth across the farmyard, monitoring everything and everyone. We've never seen her so happy, especially now that she has a cute little Cozy Cottage, complete with comfy homemade cedar bed, to call her own.

Now if only somebody would fill up that nice big food bowl—or move the dog so a squirrel will sneak up and snatch the black walnut bait positioned next to it.

Three years ago Wednesday, I adopted Topaz, Mr. Midnight, and Sarah Kate from  a local animal shelter. Topaz had been there for 15 months, and Mr. Midnight and Kit Kat had been there for 8 months. They've each, in their own way, brought us so much joy and become such a part of this place that it's hard to remember there was ever a time here without them.

Want to see more Kit Katting around?

©, the opportunistic foodie farm blog where this time of year, a warm and cozy spot doesn't stay unoccupied for long. And since the little badge above that doorway says 'Pet Zone,' obviously this house (which I bought at least a dozen years ago and LOVE) wasn't just meant for dogs.


  1. That's a cute "Cat House"!

    Glad she's so happy being outside.

  2. All our pets are indoor pets, but we have the same routing going with our two cats and the dog's bed. They always steal it if he's not there!

  3. I got so excited there; for a minute I thought you were 'moving in' the new house. Must be soon huh? I'll bet you're doing it right now, and keeping us all in suspense. Mmmmmm.

  4. Where did you buy the little house at? I need one for my puppy.

  5. I love the pet "house" very very cute. Our little rescue dog is an indoor dog which makes him very happy. All 4 pounds of him. But I bet he would love that little house for sure.

  6. Those are the cutest pictures! I just love them!! And I love that your 3 rescued kittys are so happy at your farm - I think it was definitely a win-win for all of you!

    (It's been kinda crazy around here, so I have a bit of catching up to do on your blog - but I know it will be fun to see what's been happening.)

  7. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. :)

    Ha - when I decided to use 'Moving In' as the title of this post, I thought somebody might think it meant we were finally moving in to the new house. Not yet - but hopefully soon! Joe's been working hard over there. There's definitely been a lot done since you stayed there in April! :)

    Hi Kim,
    I actually bought this dog house at least a dozen years ago for our dear departed beagle, Robin. I've always referred to it as the Cozy Cottage, and after I read your comment, I started wondering if I'd made that up or if that was really the name. Yep, it's called the Cozy Cottage, and - not surprisingly - it's still being made. I found it on amazon, and the best price right now was from this seller here for $124.95 with free shipping. You can also click here to see more listings for it.

    I have only good things to say about this dog - excuse me - PET house. ;) It's easy to assemble, is comfortable in both summer in winter, has two little side vents in the roof that open and close, is really easy to clean (the roof comes off), and is virtually indestructible. Totally worth the investment.

    They also make a larger size for dogs up to 125 pounds, which is available from amazon with free shipping here and here. I hope this helps! :)

  8. Oh my word, Bear is guarding a cat in a dog house. That is the sweetest thing ever and a testament to Bear's true guard-dog ethic.

    LOVE this.

  9. That is adorable. My brother wanted to get a doghouse for his dog in their backyard, because she spends a lot of time out there and really loves being outside, but his neighborhood has a rule against it. He has a fence, so nobody can really see and it is a really stupid rule. I guess people flying over the neighborhood would be offended by a doghouse or something.

    All our cats are indoors here because we live on a fairly busy street and I wouldn't want them to get hurt. Most of them are too lazy and spoiled to want to go out anyway. I just adopted a new kitten, and I can't imagine life without her. All of our pets really get us like that. A few years ago there was a kitten that showed up in our backyard and tried to find a new home for him (we had four cats who were not crazy about him) but he was here to stay and nobody can imagine life without him.

  10. I have similar house (doghouse) for a stray cat who visits us regularly. Because we get snow, I surround the house with 12 bales of straw every fall then wrap everything in a large tarp, leaving just a small opening for a cat to get in. The house has a reflector on the bottom to reflect body heat back towards the cat, a large pillow, and a sheepskin rug. Every spring the whole thing is taken apart and the items washed, then the straw is spread on the garden.

    My three cats are indoor cats limited to a large fenced yard near the kitchen; can't afford to put an 8-ft fence around two acres. The fenced yard is quite spacious with a net under the top to deter any climbing out by my cats or in by other animals.

    I love your fancy cat house and the cat is a cutie - a duplicate of my Micky Mouse.

    pboylecharley AT hotmail DOT com

  11. Love it. Our tuxedo cat looks identical to yours, but ours has a black nose. Also adopted from a shelter but its the owners loss because it seems when we all adopt we are blessed with the most incredable animals.

  12. We have just adopted a little black cat and named him Lucky. He is the sweetest little thing and is enjoying living on our farm with us.

  13. I love your photos of your gorgeous animals. The dog and cat photos remind me of the old quote

    "When we feed a dog it thinks -
    This person treats me so well and is so nice to me..They must be a divine being, a god.
    When we feed a cat it thinks - This person treats me so well and is so nice to me. I must be a divine being, a god."

    I hope you have had a lovely weekend.


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