Tuesday, December 28

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Mole Hunting

Bear Mole Hunting 1

Bear Mole Hunting 2

Bear Mole Hunting 3

Bear Mole Hunting 4

Bear Mole Hunting 5

Bear Mole Hunting 6

Bear Mole Hunting 7

Bear Mole Hunting 8

Bear Mole Hunting 9

Bear Mole Hunting 10

Bear Mole Hunting 11

Bear Mole Hunting 12

Bear Mole Hunting 13

Bear Mole Hunting 14

Bear Mole Hunting 15

Bear Mole Hunting 16

Want to see more of this goofy guy?

© 2010 FarmgirlFare.com, the dirt covered foodie farm blog where, except for the last two, I stood in one place and took all those photos. It was the dog who moved around, as I tried not to move the camera while laughing. That guy cracks me up—and I did actually see him catch a mole (who do terrible damage all over the garden and farm) once. It was pretty wild.


  1. lovely dog, so intent on his task to catch a mole. Chica, my 11 year old labrador-Weimaraner dog, does the same with mouse hunting for hours. I enjoy following your farm life, thanks for sharing it!

  2. He's one determined guy, isn't he? Very focused on his job! I liked that the chicken came over to watch? or lend a helping hand?

    Love the pix - never dull on the farm, is it?

    Thanks for sharing such cute photos and your animals with the rest of us!!!

  3. BEEAAAARRR! Don't give up, buddy. Those moles are a menace.

    I frequently find voles and vole pieces outside our door, courtesy of both the dogs and the cats. It's a lovely way to start the day, stepping on a vole's head.

  4. What breed of dog is Buddy Bear? I looks- and acts - so much like my crazy Belle. People are always asking what kind of dog she is and I have no idea.

  5. I loved these...my boxer also loves to catch moles in the backyard and we will have holes the length of the mole trail. He has caught some big ones! Good dogs! :)

  6. Put him in the garden, he looks like a good tiller!

  7. I could use Buddy Bear here. We have a mole making a horrible mess of our front yard right now! Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed the pictures.

    Debbie K

  8. Darn, I so wanted to see him come up for air with the dog gone mole!Love this blog. diane

  9. The Bear is a great dog - definitely can till the earth - I was tickled at the chickens walking by obviously saying "dumb dog - we already looked and there are NO worms in there". Happy times -

  10. We should all follow his example (no, not burrowing for moles...I mean patient persistence whether we get the outcome we want or not).

  11. coOur puppy (10 months) has been doing the same thing. The only difference being that we have plenty of snow, and he sniffs them out under the snow and commences digging! lol!

  12. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments!

    Lucky Buddy Bear is a half Australian Shepherd, half English Shepherd stock dog. His mother is an English Sheperd, and he looks almost exactly like her only he's a lot shorter - and he has a patch of Australian Shepherd white on his chest.

    Not all English Shepherds look like Bear, though - which is part of why they're often misidentified. You can read a little more about English Shepherds here.

  13. My cat is the big mole hunter too. He likes to bring them in the house and leave them as presents for me. Unfortunately he usually hasn't killed them first, and I end up chasing the mole around...

  14. EngineerChic1/02/2011 6:04 PM

    Our Eskimo spitz mix also loves to hunt moles & can dig some cavernous holes. Oddly, he never did this when we lived in the land of red clay, but now that we're in the Northeast, with black sandy loam, the game is on. Either we didn't have moles/voles in the clay or the dirt was too hard to dig in.

  15. I have 3 rescued Border collies I call my hooligans. They have dug up a couple of trees during their hunts and pulled a downspout off of the house. They are always after something. The area in front of the barn is littered with dead mice. This afternoon part of my potted pansies where scattered across the yard. Not sure what they were after there. Mary


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